More odds and ends…

Last weekend was a “build weekend” rather than a weekend for playing games. We have several things on the go but managed to finish a couple. The focus for me was stuff for eBay and/or gifts for friends.

These five were pieces I won on eBay as parts of various larger auctions. Each was painted to various degree. I just tidied them up and finished them.

This is some terrain I did which does not quite fit our project so will go to others that can make better use of it.

Next is a terrain piece we will be keeping. This was a joint project from my wife and me, but she did the bulk of the work.

And finally here are some pieces that were originally done to pass on but I like them enough to keep them. I modified the original helm on the spearman and added a missing right hand & weapon to the fellow with the axe. Both are a bit more high fantasy than my usual taste and they may jar a bit in Middle Earth but for some reason I like them… as Dunlandings I suppose. I won them already part painted and originally I had painted them blonde… when I thought they would not be staying with us. I tried red hair on both when I decided to keep them but that did not look right, so I switched to the darker hair…. so there would be no confusing them for “strawhead” warriors of Rohan.

In other news… just finished reading another Horseclans book by Robert Adams. I am rereading the entire series and there is a great deal in the books I do not remember from when I read them as a teenager.

As a veteran myself there are elements of the books regarding soldiery that rings true. Lots of great little details on arms, armor and tactics. But there are socio-political elements that are quite out of step with contemporary liberal values on one hand and conservative religious values on the other. I used to wonder why the Horseclans never made it into the big screen but now I can see how difficult it would be to make unless heavily edited.

Have you read the series? What did you think of it? I recommended it to a friend before I started rereading the series and he was far from impressed by it. I feel like I may have offended him with the recommendation, but whether from the socio-political aspects or the annoying habit of repeatedly going over the same scenes over and over again in flashbacks, I do not know.


  1. When it comes to Lord of the Rings, I try to remember that there have been lots of different portrayals of the characters and settings within. From RPGs, a card game, and even illustrated books, there is room for lots of different interpretations so if you like those humans, I’d say go with them!

    I haven’t heard of the book series you mentioned (though I feel like I should know it) and I wouldn’t think you offended your friend by recommending it. He/she may not be in a hurry to read another book you recommend but I’ve been given some bad recommendations and I never held that against the person who suggested it because I know it came from a good place. I would say that some fantasy novels haven’t aged well too. I tried Wheel of Time a few years ago and whereas LOTR has a timeless quality to it, I felt like WoT was already quaint and I couldn’t really get into it the way I had hoped.

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  2. Yeah, “hasn’t aged well” is a good way to put it. It is interesting how I seem to have overlooked some broad and consistent plot elements in the books as a teen.

    It is also interesting how the “witchmen” of the J&R Kennedy Research Center are similar to the Enclave and Institute in Fallout.

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