Even More Wargs!

Well I managed to finish another group of Wargs. Now we have enough for the “Ambush in the Hills” narrative scenario.

If you look close at Wargs a couple of things might jump out at you. One of them has some armored plates on its head. As far as I am aware there are no armored Wargs in Games Workshop Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game… so we end up not using that one. Or we may house rule some armor for a special Warg, perhaps a mount for an Orc Battle Companies hero.

The other thing is the gaping neck seam on some of them. I decided not to fix those yet. These were won on eBay already assembled and partially painted. I tried to take a short cut on them at this stage to use them as Wargs without mounts but once I have riders completed I will use Greenstuff to sculpt some leather harness straps to hide the gap.

In other news…. when my wife and I were at Spiel in Essen last year, a huge gaming convention, we came acrossthe Dwarven Forge table. We both instantly fell in love with their caverns but we just did not have the funds for them. We decided to put them on our mutual wish list for the future.

It looks like the future is closer than we expected! A friend has decided to sell his Dwarven Forge Cavern bits and offered us a very reasonable price… so it looks like we are now on the path to creating a grand underground table. This solves my problem for the Cave Drake scenario!

The only problem is that I will want more… and more… cavern pieces!

Which pieces will I want?

Dwarven Forge is also going to have a new Kickstarter in a couple of days…..


  1. I’ll be curious to see what the caverns look like and I love the clip from the Professional. Gary Oldman is such a great actor. One of the best of our times!

    The huge seam on those wargs is something I’ve noticed a lot of people don’t fix and is a design flaw of that sculpt I would argue. At the very least, try and put the seam somewhere that is a bit more hidden! Regardless, these wargs look great and kudos to you for getting them all done so quickly. Painting to game can be a powerful motivator 🙂

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  2. I do very much enjoy watching Gary Oldman, villain or hero.

    On some of the Wargs I filled the gap, the ones that needed full repainted but the ones that just needed some minor improvements I left it for later. No sense having the Wargs with harness but no rider for our current scenario.

    Thank you for the kind words yet again. My painting is not remarkably skillful but I think it gets the job done for wargaming. I will admit I doubt I would have ever got around to these Wargs without the scenario pushing me to get them done!

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  3. Enjoying the variety of wargs, makes quite a difference. Mentioning Essen reminded me of an old story when I was in the Army, The Signs on the autobahn would have the Eszett, ß, and the poor privates would be asking where Essen was, all they saw was Eben. 🙂

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  4. If I recall correctly Gandalf mentions Gundabad Wargs, which he seems to recognize by sight unless he used some wizardly power to discern this, as specifically faster than other Wargs… so I take from that there are different appearing Wargs. And that Wargs are more than just large, malicious wolves (or Dire Wolves) but rather wolf-like creatures. So I think that creates some latitude in models, with diversity creating a greater sense of movement. I hope!

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