More Wargs!

The next batch of Wargs completed…. one step closer to our next scenario. Still a ways to go though.

First up, a couple of large metal wolves. The one on the left I originally had on a 40mm base like the others but his feet hung a bit over the edges and it annoyed me. I decided to put it on a 60mm base and use it as a Warg Chieftain. It is not the size of the Warg in the fight but the size of the fight in the Warg, or something similarly pithy.

Next a couple of classic GW Wild Wargs.. you can see I left them with the holes in their backs so that I can mount riders on there as soon as we get the next scenario done and I paint more Orc riders!

Speaking of Orc riders…

These I decided to paint up since they were partially painted by the previous owner but the riders were glued to the Wargs. I was not too enthusiastic about them but now that they are done they are growing on me.

And here we have some old GW Warhammer Fantasy wolves. I collected these as spares in various bits auctions.. which meant I had to jury rig replacement tails on some. Again, I was not a big fan originally but now that they are finished I am beginning to like them.

So, here is a photo showing how far we have gotten.

I have another batch of 12 on the go, we will have to see if I can get them finished before Saturday afternoon….

In other news… I watched Extraction. Basically Thor has become John Wick. Not a bad movie per se but sadly predictable and I do not think it is aware of its own irony in making some antagonists somewhat sympathetic yet having endless hordes of faceless people killed. I could not stop thinking how many other tragic stories were created with every dead cop, soldier, Private military contractor, drug gang member and innocent bystander. Still, pretty neat gun kata if you like that kind of thing.

I also finally got around to watching Northmen. I tried starting it a couple of times and gave up. But this time I disciplined myself to persevere. Billy Bones from Black Sails apparently was a Viking as well. It felt like I was watching an 80’s adventure movie, plenty of cliches and might have been ok but felt like it was trying too hard.

I did like the older, grey haired berserker. Reminded me a bit of myself but that could be wishful thinking. I also feel like I have met that Christian monk at a German larp back before our current plague.


  1. It is really impressive how many wargs you managed to crank out! There are quite a lot of LOTR scenarios that call for Wargs so if you ever do some narrative gaming in LOTR, those will be really handy for that (in addition to BC, of course).

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  2. Just finished watching Extraction, body count was rather excessive. Seems like I’ve tried Northmen also, if I did it was forgettable.

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  3. “It is not the size of the Warg in the fight but the size of the fight in the Warg” 🤣
    Entirely reasonable.

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