Trying to get things done….

Last weekend we did not game. Instead we tried to focus on building and painting so that we would have what we need for the next narrative mission for our Battle Companies Campaign, “Journey to the Blue Mountains”. What we need are Wargs. A lot of Wargs.

I went through what we have, mostly the usual plastic GW Wild Wargs with riders. I separated the riders from the Wargs that were not firmly glued on and got to painting. It would seem we only have two that had no rider at all.

The above lot are the first batch. I am not a huge fan of the sculpts but I think they came out ok. Peter Jackson seemed to make them a weird wolf/hyena/bear mix for the LOTR movies. I prefer the design he did for the Hobbit, one of the few improvements he did with the Hobbit in my opinion. But GW models from the Hobbit are much harder to come by second hand at cheap prices.

I also did a couple of Wargs with riders because the mood struck me. The one with the bow is a rework of one I had done previously.

Next up I did a Cave Troll so we can do the Tame the Beast scenario. I know folks say the scenario is too easy and should have a more difficult monster but I want to try it vanilla just once.

It is a 1/72nd scale Dark Alliance War Troll but it seems a decent, inexpensive, proxy. I converted it to have the simple spear for a more wild and rustic look than the usual Goblin pet look. I am really pleased with how it has come out, especially the paler skin areas.

Next a rework on the Orc Tracker from our Minas Morgul Battle Company, Shagduf.

I am pleased that he looks less orange now.

My wife finished some of Elves for her Lothlorien Battle Company, “Fingaerion’s Spear”. She asked me to do the eyes (I also did some teeth and tongues) but all the rest is her work. She made a couple different design decisions than I did on previous Galadhrim.

First up, her new model for the leader, Fingaerion. We have added a house rule that allows the lieutenant of a company to start as the highest advancement available to the company, in this case a Galadhrim Court Guard with a pike, so he needed a new model. If ou look close you can see I did a simple weapon swap from the original sword. It is not perfect but it gets the job done.

Next, her newest recruit…. a Galadhrim Knight named Alion.

Alion, on foot and on horse

She also painted some figures she hopes to recruit in the future.

First, a metal GW Wood Elf Sentinel.

Then a pair of plastic GW Warhammer Fantasy Wood Elves. These were repainted by her from the original paintwork they had when we won them on EBay.

I also completed so bits for eBay or gifts to friends.

And I have quite a bit on the go. I collected various other models over the last year to use as Wargs. Some GW Warhammer Fantasy wolves. Some metal dire wolves of various manufacture. For my birthday I even got some brand new GW 40k Fenrisian wolves that will be getting Oathmark “Goblin riders” (which I use as Orcs) at some point after our narrative scenario.

If you look on the right of the next photo you can see where I got distracted by making some kit bashed Fiefdoms of Gondor models…

We will have to see how long it takes me to paint all these Wargs!


  1. This blog is great. Your terrain pieces are stunning and inspired me to significantly reduce my backlog of terrain. Still have a ton of tabletop world buildings to paint but the quality is fantastic, have you checked them out? Anyway keep up the good work!

    Regards FJ

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    • Thank you for your kind words! My wife and I are big fans of Tabletop World buildings. We have a few of the smaller ones we got at Christmas but have not painted them yet as we are waiting for our Hagglethorn Hollow Kickstarter to be delivered…. so we can paint them to match.


  2. So many wargs! I have painted quite of few of them and found them tiresome to do. Not that varied of poses and difficult to convert.
    I like how you do eyes, they are are to do.
    I’ve seen those trolls before, how is the sculpts? Flash? Plastic bendy?
    Looking forward to your battles with the troll and against the wargs.

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  3. Thanks mate. Originally I refused to do eyes but a mate encouraged me to keep trying and I found I got a bit better. Good enough to not be embarrassed anyway. That is why I encourage honest feedback, it can push me to improve.

    The Dark Alliance trolls are not fun to work with. The are soft but at least not shallow sculpted, bendy and a nightmare to remove flash. That said, as trolls you can overlook the rough edges and in the end the painted result looks ok at a fraction of the cost of GW.

    I am hoping to get enough done during the week to game next weekend.

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  4. Lots of good hobbying stuff afoot here. I agree that the Hobbit Warg sculpts are much superior in design and the sculpts are excellent though expensive. I painted six Hunter orcs on wargs which drove me mad and put me off painting more of them but they did come out looking really nice. I think the troll will fit in well with your current armies and I look forward to seeing those Fiefdoms painted up in the near future too 🙂

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  5. Not too near future I fear, in regards to the Fiefdoms troops. Whilst I put them together in a bout of frenzied inspiration they are low on my priority list…. with enemy NPC‘s and more terrain much higher on that list. My wife is willing to let me switch to a Fiefdoms company but I would prefer to not stall our campaign progress that much.

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