More terrain and minis!

You might recognize a couple of the terrain pieces in the last couple of battle reports. We put them into service before they were completely finished. Now they are complete… as well as some more minis!

First up, some Oathmark Dwarves I finished as potential future recruits to my Dwarven battle company. I won an auction of Oathmark Dwarves and the previous owner had already started putting some together. Many of them have spears, which is awkward if I stick to the official rules for my company. On some I cut the spear down and turned them into axes but for now I guess I will leave some with spears. Allowing my company to have spears and crossbows like the Iron Hills Dwarves would make the company even better….

I chose not to give them shields at this point as I want to use them as Dwarf Rangers and that means no shields just yet. But they had been built in poses suited to shields, so on two I tried to be creative… giving one a pipe and the other a torch.

If necessary I can always add bows and quivers later if required.

Next up, a couple of Orc Trackers.

The sallow one is a new model for the character Shagduf in the Taken of Minas Morgul. I used a different head but it is still one eyed, so I used green stuff to make a leather cap like the one on the model I see for Shagduf when he was regular Orc archer. Since Shagduf has a reputation for stabbing enemies with an arrow in melee I tried to create a pose to suit that. He is also carrying lunch… because he looks hungry.

As does the other Orc Tracker. I used GW Fantasy zombie bits to create these two. I try hard to be as cost effective as I can. Having another one eyed Orc Tracker is just my sense of irony at play.

Next, a Falcon model for the Falcon already on the army of one of my Wife’s Elves.

And next, a replacement model for Dolf Greymane in Ozzy’s Outlaws. We wanted Dolf to get some armor as a leading hero of the company and I thought this mini would do the trick. I realize he looks a bit more Ruffian than Hillman but Victor has been having an influence on his fashion sense.

Next some minis that will be either gifts or go to EBay.

In other news, I finished season 4 of Van Helsing. It is a bit of a cheesy show but I have grown to like some of the characters and am curious where the story will lead. That said, the cliff hanger ending of season 4 is terrible, especially given we have no idea if or when there will be a new season.

With another cliff hanger, not as bad as Van Helsing, I also finished season 1 of Snowpiercer. I really enjoyed it. It is not perfect but it is pretty good. Interesting characters, well acted. I love the political subtext, although it asks more questions than gives answers. Sean Bean is supposed to be in season 2 but who knows when that will be.

Netflix scored a winner with Snowpiercer… and they may have done it again with Into the Night. Far fetched plot… reminiscent of a certain Steven King movie… but remarkably well done despite the leaps In circumstances that sometimes stretch the suspension of disbelief to the breaking point. I am only half way through the series but the characters have more depth than the 2d appearances they first have. Certain characters die rather unexpectedly… reminding the viewer that this is not the usual Hollywood formula adventure. I just hope it does not end with yet another cliff hanger!


  1. I really enjoy reading your blog, even though I don’t always have a chance to comment on each posting. Your last two battle reports were very well done, especially the Show of Strength one. Between your reports and new terrain pieces, I find your postings very inspirational. I already have the bad habit of looking at the ground for pieces of bark, etc that I can use, now I will be looking at rocks. also.

    Have you considered using a longer base for your birds? Similar to what gw uses for the eagles but maybe just a stiff wire? It isn’t always easy finding a bird figure that looks like it is flying though.Maybe just a tree with the bird on a branch to show that it can see further?

    Keep them coming!

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  2. Thanks mate, I appreciate hearing that. I have been keeping my eye out for a raven in flight to put on a transparent flight base, but I am trying to find one on the inexpensive side. My wife and I discussed it and decided that even if the flying creatures did not exactly land every turn they would at least fly low enough to be able to be hit with melee weapons in order to keep things balanced a bit. We have different opinions on what happens to “pets” when the owner is knocked out. I think it remains in play, my wife does not. I think we may compromise and say it rolls a Courage check to see if it stays in play since we have not found an official ruling on it.

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  3. Excellent hobby progress all around. I think I like the terrain best though the dwarves look very nice as well. Those sculpts look to be as high or maybe even better than GW’s dwarves (which I think are so small, that a lot of them lack details). I’m always impressed by how quickly you can turn out great looking minis and terrain. I also like your TV show reviews. I don’t watch much TV so I can’t weigh in on the shows but I’m always curious to see if anything you’re watching gets my attention too 🙂

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  4. Thanks mate! I have the advantage of being a stay at home dad. As for my reviews, that is a habit from my Facebook days. I used to do a lot of tv and movie review discussions on there and a few followers of my blog are old friends. With so much to watch and so many things to do rather than watch tv, if I can help someone decide how to spend their time I feel like that is a worthy cause.


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