“A Daring Rescue!” A Dwarven Battle Report

The Company of the Golden Boar have captured Oswald, a Sorcerer that Leads a band of Outlaws. At a bit of a loss as to what to do with the Man, the Dwarves are yet reluctant to either execute him or let him go. Suddenly the decision on what to do with him is put on hold as they notice numerous Outlaws encircling them. Almost back to back (yeah, halfway through the game we realized our mistake in regards to Oswald’s missing 1″ zone of control) the Dwarves prepare themselves to defend to the last

The shining sun and clear sky make it easy for the Dwarves and Outlaws to see each other. The Dwarves have the initiative and Brimir drops the Outlaw archer called One-Eye with a well placed arrow shot. The Outlaws continue to close. Rori throws an axe and fells Einar Lightfingers but Filibur Firebug cuts down the Dwarf called Finnbar!

In return Rori throws an axe and drops Filibur. Dolf shoots Brimir, but Fate saves the Dwarf (we forgot he had an arm wound and could not use his bow… in hindsight we decided he got a lucky throw with one of his daggers). Bili cuts down Edgar, who is not saved by Fate. Onar drops Korg. The Outlaws win some of the fighting, pushing some of the Dwarves back but failing to wound them due to their armor.

The Outlaws seize the initiative. Snorri uses his shield to hold off three Outlaws, including the mercenary Stengar. Gundin, the latest addition to the Dwarven company cuts down Victor the Lame. Brimir knocks out Fancy Jack. Onar fells Bald Pete.

The fighting has created a gap for Oswald to exploit and he rushes off. But the Dwarves are not keen to just let him go. The Outlaws seek to withdraw but Rori cuts down Dolf. Snorri fells Norman….

…. and Stendar the Sellsword drops Bili when Fate fails to save the Dwarf Champion!

Oswald makes good his escape and the Outlaws are victorious.

Admittedly we were tired, and in a rush to play the game during our son’s afternoon nap but we made some serious rules errors in this game. We forgot to check the old wound of Edgar. We forgot Fancy Jack had gained the ability to shoot twice per turn. I set up in Oswald’s control zone. And we kept forgetting special attacks and weapon abilities, like the shackles of the Ruffians and the piercing strike of axes.

For the life of me I have no idea how I was supposed to keep Oswald from just running off. I feel like I must be missing something in this scenario.

My wife choose to not have Oswald cast his transfix spell… but I am not sure if she had to. I do not know if prisoners can cast spells or have spells cast against them to be honest. We decided that if I could not charge him, I could not shoot him.

What do you do when you play this scenario?

Also, does anyone know if Wanderers (ie the Mercenary) count toward the Company’s maximum model count or for being Broken?

We decided to add a house rule where an underdog company gets extra xp for winning. Even with the Mercenary the Outlaws still got 5 rerolls and 5 Bonus Influence. This resulted in 10 Outlaws leveling!

All of the Dwarves recovered from their injuries, although Bili got the “It is just a scratch” result, which I chose to take the reroll rather than sit out the next game… since it is a narrative game. I got lucky and got full recovery but it was a dramatic moment.

Most of the Outlaws got full recoveries. Filibur got an Old Battle Wound. Edgar healed his Old Battle Wound. Dolf got a leg wound to go with his arm wound. We decided to get him some armor since I have a new figure painted up for him. Oswald got a lucky talisman. Norman Brewer got a rope.

As always you are encouraged to leave comments as I would love to hear your thoughts on this or any other battle report.


  1. That was some lethal dwarven shooting and I loved the image(s) of the big fight on the rocky terrain. That was pretty cinematic I thought! I don’t know this scenario so I can’t help much there but it was really nice seeing the dwarves struggle for once as they were on quite the hot streak.

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  2. That is a neat piece of terrain. I think it is a Gale Force 9 Battlefield in a Box piece but I am not sure as we won it very inexpensively as part of a larger EBay auction lot.

    And yeah, I think I got a bit over confident. That merc was tough.

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  3. I didn’t realize it was from them. That is even better because those are pre-painted. I thought it was something you made yourself and was very impressed haha

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    • Yeah that piece so far is as it came however I do intend to make my own improvements on it in due course. One issue with it that bothers me is that it warped a bit and does not sit completely flat on the table. I think we will have to put it on a new, slightly larger base.

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      • I think visually it would look better on a larger base and I would consider either adding more shadows to the rocks or drybrushing them with a lighter shade of gray on the edges and that piece of terrain will be looking even better. The best part is that it probably won’t take long to make any of those changes 🙂

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  4. Great advice, thanks! Some times “product improvement” is not much work but sometimes it can be easier to start from scratch. On this piece I think some minor tweaks will improve without much work.


  5. I wonder if you could take a technique from other games and make a little deck of small cards, one for each character, where you list things like the zone of control and 2x shots a turn. Then just flip through as you do each of their actions. Seems like far too much to try to keep in your head or reference from a more detailed set of notes.

    To me it’s like how we always use the round end reminder card when we play the boardgame Wingspan. Sure we play a lot and basically remember, but its so much more pleasant (and accurate) to zip down a checklist.

    The table really is looking grand here. Nice work!

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    • Our current system is using photocopies of the Battle Companies unit rosters (basically character sheets) but we have thought about index cards as the bigger the company gets the more overwhelming the roster sheets become. Making cards however would be yet another admin task to add to our already overflowing backlog.

      I like checklists by the way. And flow charts. It just is how I am wired I suppose.

      Thanks for the kind words. We are working towards a different table aesthetic these days but we think the new table is going to be fantastic! Or fantastical! Or fabulous!



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