Upgrades… and more!

In between games the painting, converting, kitbashing and building continues. A few things are finished thanks to good weather for Matt clear coating today.

Most important for the weekend, my “upgraded” Dwarves with fancy armor, weapons and helmets. And not necessarily for this weekend but some flaming objective markers for one of the Battle Companies scenarios where you have to set things on fire.

Inside the cotton is a small LED tea light. The photo does not capture the nicely atmospheric flicking but you can see a big difference between the ones that are on and the ones that are turned off.

If you want to know how I made them, just go on YouTube and you will find some tutorials. They are inexpensive and easy to make.

So five of my six Dwarves needed upgrades due to progression in Battle Companies.

I may have gotten a little carried away. The head is the leader head from the Oathmark infantry box set but with horns added and a faceplate from GW Fantasy Dwarves. I broke off one horn tip like the Nord in the Elder Scrolls Online promo videos. The shield is intentionally battered and worn looking. He has his main axe and a there is a throwing axe tucked into the straps for his belt pouch. That is a piece from the Victrix Vikings sprues.

Bili is on the Path of the Warrior and has heavy Dwarven armor. My bits box provided the little conversion parts… many of them from GW.

So Brimir was made as a conversion of the metal Oathmark Dwarf Wizard. I see him as a grizzled old mountaineer who finds a quarterstaff a more practical tool to lug around than a two handed axe. A Raven has recently befriended him. I need to come up with a name for the Raven… and a mini to represent the Raven when it is not on Brimir’s arm. I used greenstuff to turn his cloth sleeves into maille but it is far from my best work. The result of working when tired.

Next up is Hanar, who was promoted to Iron Guard then became a Hero in the Making (On the Path of the Warrior). Two attacks and Strength 5! I added the boar to the top of his helmet to reflect his hero status. It came from a Celtic warriors sprue, Victrix I think. I may greenstuff him a longer beard so he will look more Dwarf and less Human barbarian. The big GW pauldrons help give the armor a really heavy look.

Snorri recently became a Hero in the Making and I chose Path of the Adventurer. I upgraded his armor to heavy Dwarven armor and added the boar on his helmet. That boar head was cut down from a Celtic boar standard and with some greenstuff work added to the helmet. It looked somehow awkward until I decided to add the over the top horns. Not practical, I know… but I like the look!

These two are not in my company yet… but I am allowed one Vault Warden team, so eventually they will be. They are specialized in killing monsters, which should help with Trolls, Giant Spiders and especially the Cave Drake in the final scenario of our first campaign!

In addition to the usual metal GW Black Numenorean… I also made a converted GW Dark Elf as a Black Numenorean proxy.

In addition to these models for our Middle Earth Gaming I finished a few pieces for EBay or gifting to friends.

In other news I have been watching the Netflix series Snowpiercer and really enjoying it. I notice it is not getting great reviews but I think it is great, in fact better than the movie. Admittedly I have not read the graphic novel. The production values of the show are great, cast, costuming, special effects are all brilliant. The morality questions posed by the show are very thought provoking and I look forward to each episode. Have you been watching it? What do you think of it?


  1. I like how you are adding to the figures as they level up, much nicer technique than GW’s buy a new figure. Interested to see how you add to your wife’s elves.

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  2. Adding to my wife’s Elves is a bit problematic, as she generally likes the standard GW minis. I tried to convince her on the Oathmark multi-part plastic sprues but she was not a fan. She also becomes attached to specific minis, so for example the mini for one of her favorite characters, Faeril, is an uninspiring old plastic Wood Elf. Not her favorite sculpt nor her favorite paintwork. But she has declined my offers to try to improve or replace the figure. This is one reason I am encouraging her to paint new members of her company. She has a Galadrim Knight she is working on and a replacement figure for Fingaerion.


  3. Those smoke markers are really fantastic! They look very realistic to me. I liked the spotlight on the dwarves as well. Each one has a lot of character to them and truthfully, I think they’re more interesting than the vast majority of the dwarf sculpts that GW has made. While your battle reports are excellent, I enjoy seeing what you’re up to hobby wise as well! Always something interesting and creative going on 🙂

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  4. Thanks mate! Quite kind words, especially given your high skill level.

    There are a few folks out there, like yourself, that inspire me with what they share. I humbly hope I can return the favor to other folks.

    One of the things I do not care for with GW is how tgey often seem to discourage folks from making the hobby their own.

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  5. Absolutely! Your site is chockful of creativity and inspiration which is one of the reasons I enjoy visiting it regularly 🙂 I agree on GW too. Feel free to hobby your way so long as it is purchased from them first…

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