More odds and ends…

This week I managed to finish a few things.

I put a lot of time into this terrain piece. My wife cut the wooden board that is the base a bit differently shaped than I was expecting and I was a bit over optimistic in putting heavy pieces on both ends. There is a bit of flex. in the narrow Middle that I should have anticipated. I think my failure to do so made me reluctant to really invest much time and effort in the piece. But every time I thought I was finished with it I had an idea to improve it and eventually I got it to look better than I expected.

I particularly like how the little cave with the skull and snake came out. Whilst I am not a fan of skulls everywhere, like GW seems to favor… but I do like the occasional reminder of the frailty of humanity near old ruins.

Next up are some small terrain scatter pieces or objective markers.

The big totem in the center was won in an auction, already painted to a decent standard as… well… a broken standard. So I rebased it, tidied up the paint, did some washes and presto it is now a piece to add some creepiness to an Orc camp. The other two were from scratch out of my bits box.

Next a few minis… the pony is probably going to end up in my Dwarven Battle Company.

The rangery looking fellow was planned to join my Dwarven company but I decided against greenstuffing a longer beard and he will be a local scout or ranger (Man). The Rohan warrior was won in auction already painted well. Gripping Beast plastic Saxon I think. I removed the sword he had in his left hand, added the Rohan shield, changed his cross pendant to a generic disk, did some washes and painted his eyes. Something for my wife’s Rohan army.

I also finished a few pieces that will either be given away as gifts or go for sale on eBay.

Some works in progress that are causing me some uncertainty….

On the left I a metal Dwarf Wizard from Oathmark. It is such a great sculpt that I want to add it to my Battle Company but I do not think it is canon to have a Dwarf Sorcerer.

On the right is a version of my Battle Company leader I have been working on. The plan being to put him in heavy Dwarven armor. But I think I may have gotten away with myself…. he is starting to look as over the top as the usual GW Dwarf. I took a lot of inspiration from the Nord in the Elder Scrolls Online promo videos. What do you think? Too much?

In other news, my wife and I watched season 1 of Space Force.

We quite enjoyed it…. which to be honest surprised me. Have you seen it? Did you enjoy it?


  1. That piece of terrain is really nice! It fits MESBG well and stands out from other terrain I’ve seen for the game. Excellent work on it. As far as the dwarves go, I don’t think there is a dwarven sorcerer either and I don’t have many ideas for how to make it canon, unfortunately. I bet if you think creatively enough, you can come up with a solution though. The armored dwarf maybe looks a bit more Warhammer than not but I think there are a numbered of highly armored dwarves in the MESBG line so I don’t think he’d be too out of place either. I’d say paint him up and see how you feel once you’ve got him done 🙂

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  2. Thanks for the kind words. More and more I think of the Third Age as living in the shadow of greater Ages past. I suppose that is part of the “Dark Ages feel” so often attributed to Middle Earth aesthetics.

    Instead of sorcerer I am thinking lorekeeper, like the GW model of Floi. Or Runekeeper as per Lord of the Rings Online.

    With a couple of the more heavily armored Dwarves almost finished I am coming around to liking them. Admittedly they are like the Company of Thorin Oakenshield after reclaiming Erebor in Jackson version of the Battle of the Five Armies…. meaning well over the top!

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  3. Enjoyed your terrain piece, all too often it is easy to just make a oval shape and work on that.

    Regarding the dwarf with the raven, you can buy a raven in Battle Companies or you could use the figure as a traveling seer that uses the raven to advise you on what is ahead. I agree with you on dwarven sorcerer, that is one of the problems I have with GW, having to have to have wizards, sorcerers, shamen, etc in every faction. It is my opinion that magic is too prevalent in the LOTR gaming world.

    Space Force – enjoyed the first few episodes and parts of others, will be interested in where they take the next season.

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  4. You will see in my next battle report I got him a raven… pretty powerful item, perhaps a touch underpriced for what it does. But I guess ravens can be killed.

    And I converted the mini to suit my needs…. for a scout! Photos in the near future!

    My wife and I agree with you. Too much High Fantasy magic for our liking of low fantasy Middle Earth.

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