Wildmen and Dwarves!

In order for us to pick up on how our Battle Companies “Journey to the Blue Mountains” campaign is branching out this weekend I needed to finish a few things… including my new Dwarven Battle Company!

First off are some Frostgrave Barbarians that we won in auction already painted to a decent standard. They only needed some minor adjustments, particularly in repainting the skin, hair and eyes, some washes and rebasing to be table ready for us. With them is an old metal figure, no idea of maker, that I repainted as the mysterious “not-Gandalf” in the village of Old Oak that I mentioned in previous battle reports.

My thinking is that following my company doing the starter scenario the ruffians of Old Oak will have had their fill of watching others venture off for treasure in the Blue Mountains and will form their own (NPC) Battle Company based on the profiles for Sharkey’s Rogues but with some house rules to make them a bit more challenging for non-Hobbit opponents.

As the campaign, and future campaigns, progress we will introduce other new Evil Battle Companies as NPCs.

Now to my new Oathmark Dwarves. I used both the regular infantry and the newer heavy infantry sprues plus bits from my bits box to create my vision of Dwarves. They are a bit big compared to other Dwarf models, especially the official GW LOTR Dwarf figures, which my wife is not keen on but I like them and they are fun to paint at this size.

First up my lieutenant (leader), Rori. I took some inspiration from some of my larp kit on the design and colors. At some point his equipment will change so no idea how long I will use this figure to represent him. He is a Dwarf Ranger with throwing axes and I plan on taking him down the Path of the General.

Next up is one of my sergeants. Bili the Dwarf Ranger with two handed axe. The blue grey beard is a nod to Dwalin. I plan on taking him down the Path of the Warrior to become the Champion of the Company. On that note, I hate that they used “path of the warrior” instead of say “path of the champion” as it current causes some confusion with the being a hero or warrior in classification, ie when you say he is a Warrior… is he a warrior model or is he a hero on the warrior path?

Brimir is a Dwarf Ranger and my other Sergeant. I wanted him to become my Loremaster ans so maybe go down the Path of the Sorcerer but I decided against this. This figure is just a place holder for now as I intend to give him a raven and staff as soon as I have spare influence. A conversion of the metal Oathmark Dwarf Wizard figure is high on my “to do” list.

Hanar is a Dwarf Warrior (a third different application of the warrior term, argh!) with a two handed axe. My wife is not a fan of horned helmets but I like the Boris Vallejo Deathdealer look of lowered, forward facing horns. Not practical for fighting I realize but the look is particularly good on the fantasy Vikings in Pathfinder and similar to the cool horned helmet of the Nord hero in the Elder Scrolls Online promo videos.

Then we have the Dwarf Warrior, Onar. I am particularly pleased how the blue wash on the scales of his armor contrasts with the maille. I created a system with the Oathmark bodies to reflect the three levels of armor you see in MESBG and BC. Maille (commonly called chain mail) alone is armor, these are the Dwarf Infantry bodies. The Dwarf armor and Dwarf heavy armor uses the Dwarf Heavy Infantry bodies, with the arms of the Heavy Infantry for the Dwarf heavy armor…. and where possible GW Fantasy Dwarf pauldrons. You will see what I mean later in the blog entry…

Snorri is a Dwarf Warrior, with as you can see axe and shield. The shield decal is one of the Oathmark Dwarven shield transfers from LBM studios. For clothing on the Dwarves I went with a more colorful palette than Jackson went with in the Hobbit but hopefully it is still subdued enough to be Low Fantasy in flavor. Feedback on the color choices very welcome!

Next up some WIP shots…

Some more Dwarves… for reinforcements and promotions. A GW Dark Elf converted to be a Black Numenorean. A Haradrim Captain made from Gripping Beast Arab Heavy Cavalry and GW Fantasy High Elf bits. A Wildman made from various bits in my bits box and a Conquest Norman body.

I am particularly pleased with how I managed to replicate a Dwarven Vault Warden Team from the bits I have. For the special iron shield I will be converting a large Persian square shield. I think the GW pauldrons work ok on the Oathmark models which surprises me as I am not normally a fan of the GW ever present football pads looking pauldrons.

I won an auction for a bunch of Gripping Beast incomplete Arab Heavy Cavalry. Lots of bits but no horses and no legs. So I tried matching up a body with GW High Elf legs… I think it works. My wife likes it. What do you think? Right now he does not have a shield. I made him with the plan to give him a shield but I forgot about the penalty for having a bow and shield so may not do that now. Also, I made his scabbard from a cut off spare bow limb. Do you think it looks ok? Maybe it will look different when painted.

So there we go… a lot done the last couple of weeks in preparation for gaming this weekend. Not to mention all the efforts I have made to sell off spare figures we will not be using. My wife and I went through quite a few to decide what to keep and what to sell but we have even more to go through. It seems smaller skirmishes suit us more than the gigantic battles I imagined at the start of this project.


  1. Great progress all around! I like the dwarf sculpts you’re using as I think they have a bit more personality than many of the GW ones do. I will probably talk a bit more about GW’s MESBG dwarves in the near future on my site but to summarize, they are definitely missing something though I do think the Hobbit era dwarves, especially Thorin’s Company but also Dain from Forge World are quite nice and put the LOTR ones to shame. Regardless of that, it will be cool to see the Ruffians return to Battle Companies action as well 🙂

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  2. Thanks mate. I have, and like, some of the GW LOTR and Hobbit Dwarves but once I saw the Oathmark Dwarves I fell in love with them. And the ability to kitbash them to my personal taste just takes them to the next level for me.

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