More work between games…

With us having finally started our campaign, playing time has cut into painting time. It has been difficult to set aside started projects in favor of prioritizing things I really should finish for already scheduled scenarios… looking at you, horde of Wargs.

I have gotten some terrain done with help from my wife. Three pieces, two of which are from scratch so to speak and one was just tweaked a bit from how it was won in auction on eBay.

These two were made from some unpainted plaster ruins pieces and bits from our terrain bits box. My wife cut the bases from thin hobby wood. I tried to add some skulls and a bird for atmospheric character.

The next piece was made by the previous owner to a great standard but I wanted it to have a stronger base. I decided to make out of posterboard foam instead of wood this time. I did some repairs to he original work and added some more underbrush.

I also tried to make it a little less artificially rectangular… and where retains that shape I imagine it to be overgrown ruins. Some one recently described Tolkien’s Third Age Middle Earth as somewhat post-Apoc and that description has stuck with me.

Next up is another casualty marker. The horse and rider is from Conquest, a Norman mini but I decided to tweak the original owner’s paint work to make it look more like a generic, “any faction” casualty. I put it on a base, added some small details like the arrow in the shield then did some washes.

I think I have grown increasingly macabre in my tastes the more of these casualty markers I do.

I also managed to finish some more Galadhrim for my wife. A couple I added braids to, taken from some Space Wolf Marine heads I had. My wife uses these to designate female warriors on the rather androgynous looking minis.

These minis are all repainted from the original owners. I should really have stripped them first but I was trying to save time. Some had much thicker coats than others and that obscured some details. Also, you can spot the difference between the metal ones and plastic ones if you look close.

On some of them I have managed to get the eyes better than others. Not my best painting but they should suffice for line troops.

And with that, another day closer to the weekend and the next scenario!

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  1. This is quite productive (much faster than I can manage), especially when you consider all of the gaming going on. As always, the terrain you made looks really great and varied and will look great in future battle reports!

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  2. Thanks again for your continually supportive words mate. I always feel like I could, and should, get more done. A try to paint for a couple hours a day but until my son goes back to school it is hard to concentrate on my painting for an extended length of time.


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