“Ruins of Annuminas”… an Elven Battle Report

The two outer most Elves were injured and had to sit out the fight.

The Lothlórien Elves of Fingaerion continue their journey North, traveling past the outskirts of Annuminas, fabled former capital of the fallen kingdom of Arnor. Weary and near sundown the Elves seek to set up camp for the night. Two of their number are injured but two new arrivals have joined their company. The Galadhrim warriors Iareth and Gaewen.

Iareth on the left is a mini I did awhile back, you can tell by the red brown. Gaewen on the right sports the new red that my wife chose as she was not a fan of the red brown. I quite like how the braid on her came out. I took it from a spare Space Wolf Marine head.

As the camp chores began the Elves heard the howl of Orcs in the nearby ruins and with the setting sun an eerie glow could be seen…

With only six of their company fit to fight Fingaerion was concerned they might be overrun but there would be no rest for them until the Orcs were dealt with. And so they moved towards the ruins…

On spotting the first Orcs, Randil deftly looses at an Orc Tracker and hits his mark. The Tracker falls.

Seizing the initiative the Orcs charge, converging from across the ruins. Two get into melee only to be cut down by Iareth and Gaewen.

Two more Orcs charge into melee, Randil looses another arrow and another Orc falls to the Elven archery. The Elves win the melee but fail to wound the Orcs.

However the Elves have disturbed more than mere Orcs. A Barrow Wight rises from within the nearest ruins! The melee continues as the Wight looks on, in the confusion no one is wounded.

The Barrow Wight charges into the melee, attempts to paralyze Fingaerion but fails to successfully cast the spell. Faeril kills an Orc with his spear.

The melee continues. The Wight again fails to cast. Iareth kills another Orc.

On and on the melee continues. Faeril charges the Wight. Yet again the Wight fails to cast its spell! Iareth kills an Orc Tracker. Cailon kills another Orc. However the Wight cuts down Gaewen. Fingaerion is cut off from his company but heroically fights off four opponents with his shield.

The Elves, unsettled by the haunted ruins struggle to find the resolve to charge the Wight. Both Iareth and Fingaerion pause, whilst Faeril and Randil are cut down.

The melee continues. Iareth strikes down yet another Orc whilst Cailon heroically dispatches another as he also fights the Barrow Wight.

Evil takes the initiative though and Iareth is cruelly cut down. Cailon resists the paralysis spell of the Wight, depleting its Will. The melee continues back and forth, time and again. Cailon and Fingaerion are increasingly separated, Fingaerion limping from the leg wound he received in his recent battle with the Taken. Cailon faces the Barrow Wight and Fingaerion is surrounded by four Orcs. Over and over again Fingaerion uses his shield to keep the Orcs at bay, hoping Cailon can defeat the Barrow Wight whilst he distracts the Orcs…..

…. but it is not fated to be. Both Cailon and Fingaerion eventually succumb to the attacks of their enemies and the Elves are defeated.

A grim outcome for what was expected to be a challenging game. My wife was very concerned by her starting numbers but she started out well, whittling down the Orcs. I think she got unlucky with the Barrow Wight being located in the first of the five ruins. Nor was she able to make the best of her Elven archery.

In the post-game phase she got 2 Influence Points for the defeat, bringing her to a total of 2.

Gaewen was injured and will miss the next scenario. Cailon received a severe leg wound, reducing his movement by 1″ until healed. Faeril received a severe arm injury. Randil and Iareth both recovered fully.

Cailon and Randil leveled, each rolled and received +1 Defense after a few rerolls of Skills they already had.

Tragically Fingaerion received a second severe leg wound…. resulting in him retiring to Lothlórien. Command of the company passed on to Cailon, the Galadhrim sergeant. Faeril was promoted to sergeant.

The journey North continues.



  1. I agree that your wife was unlucky, if she could have whittled down the orcs more before finding a wraith it could have been a different game. I like Gaewen with the new color and the braid.

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  2. This is an interesting and it seems like a fun scenario overall. The elves certainly had bad luck with the barrow wight making an early appearance. I liked the model you used for the wight quite a bit. It still has the Tolkien feel but is quite ominous looking too.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It is a challenging scenario, especially as the Angmar Orcs also cause Terror when within 3″ of the Barrow Wight. But that said, we did have fun even if the result was tragic. It helps create a dramatic narrative with a real sense of risk in each bout of combat.

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