“Rescue!” Battle Report

The Lothlórien Elves may have been blocked by the Taken at the old gate but the wily Elves have found a way past them. Whilst attempting to track them, Arnakhor and his two Orc archers have become separated from the rest of the Taken. The Elves, having heard to noisy minions of Sauron, turn back hoping to catch the Black Numenorean alone.

Creeping towards the Taken’s leader, obscured by both the forest and the mist that the noonday sun has not yet burned off, the Elves are surprised when their quarry senses them and flees back West. Arnakhor berates his Orc companions in one breath whilst calling the rest of the Taken to him, warning of the Elven threat.

The Taken move to consolidate defensively, although the two Orc archers move to flank the Elves. They are later joined by Arnakhor. The Elves continue forward in part, whilst their archers loose arrows but fail to find their marks.

The main body of the Taken charges and Maubag uses his pick to drop Orcondil. A melee ensues and the Black Numenorean sergeant Azgarzir fells the Elven leader Fingaerion. Randil and Faeril push back their opponents. On the flank Arnakhor cuts down Anduniel.

Despite Evil seizing the initiative the Elves heroically manage to move first, reducing the risk of being caught again in melee. The Elves seek the cover of the woods. Arnakhor orders the Taken after them but moves into cover for himself. The Elves continue withdrawing, the Taken chasing them. Randil looses an arrow but misses. Faeril pushes back the two Taken that had caught up to him.The Elves continue trying to keep at bow range and Randil hits Radgaz with a grey fletched arrow, dropping the Orc archer.

This hit and run tactic has Arnakhor concerned. He advances to encourage the Taken forward but seeks to find cover from the deadly Elven arrows.

Through a heroic effort, finally the Taken have surrounded Faeril…

Outnumbered five to one Faeril’s amazing skill sees him beat them all back whilst cutting down Shagduf! This creates an opening for him to run for the safety of his friends and the wooded hillock they are sheltering on.

Maubag and Azgarzir manage to just catch Faeril but he fights them off, cutting down Maubag. Randil shoots and drops ill fated Gazbag.

This is too much for Azgarzir and Nagduf who decide to run off into the mist, leaving Arnakhor alone. Grimly the heavily armored Black Numenorean walks slowly towards the Elves. Randil looses yet another arrow… striking Arnakhor and wounding him! Fate intervenes and Arnakhor survives… at first. Slowly the grim figure slumps to the ground, apparently out of action…perhaps forever. But is he? Careful observation would reveal he is still breathing, but the Elves have no time for this as they seek to check on their wounded. In the confusion when they return to the body of Arnakhor they find him gone!

Yeah, in turn 15 my Company was under 25% strength so I voluntarily failed Arnakhor’s courage test and played dead. This gave the Elves the victory but spared my leader a roll on the wound chart which could have resulted in death. This seemed in keeping with his Evil survive at all costs philosophy. There is no honor or glory in war, only Death.

The game turned drastically when I failed to declare a heroic move to counters wife’s. It turned back when I used a heroic move to catch Faeril. Dropping him would instantly win me the game. But it turned yet again when Faeril beat back 5 opponents at once! Natural six for the win when it comes to Fight value 5 Elves!

Post-battle Phase…

The Elves won, so received 4 Influence points bringing their total to 7.

Orcondil was injured and will sit out the next fight but he also leveled and in recognition was made a Galadhrim Warrior, trading his Elven cloak for heavy armor.

Anduniel was injured and must rest during the next fight.

Fingaerion received a nasty leg wound that will slow him down until it heals (-1″ move, bringing him down to Move 4 in his heavy armor).

The Taken were at a slight disadvantage in points value so had a reroll (which I forgot about) and +1 Influence. Getting 2 more for losing the scenario their total became 13.

However I immediately spent 5 points to give Azgarzir an armored horse and a lance as he leveled and started on the Path of the Knight.

Maubag and Shagduf had full recoveries.

Radgaz the archer died.

Gazbag received “Just a Scratch”. This would mean he would miss the next fight and his leg would still be injured unless he wanted to risk a reroll. Keen to stay in the thick of battle Gazbag declared he would march on despite the wound. On the reroll he received “Wounds of a Hero”, granting him full recovery of his leg wound and d6 (I rolled a 4) Influence for the Taken! This brought the Taken back up to 12.

Both my wife and I decided to pause to consider if we are going to spend influence for reinforcements before the next scenario. This is particularly delicate because the next scenario is the narrative “Ruins of Annuminas” rather than a match against each other.



  1. It is nice to see the elves get one over on Sauron’s lot 🙂 I’m impressed by how many games you’ve gotten in recently and that you’re able to write up a high quality battle report for each one as well. I’m looking forward to the next one since it has a narrative focus!

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  2. The current international health crisis is freeing up what would be otherwise used free time. Of course it means I get less painting time as my son is not in school, but my wife is good at prioritizing his nap time for our gaming to compensate. However this also means my painting is behind schedule for our future planned scenarios. I seem to paint things I am in the mood for much faster than things I need to get done right away, ie ruins for the Ruins of Annuminas.

    I am glad people are enjoying the blog. The more I hear the better it makes me feel about the whole project. It really helps give me that extra kick of motivation to get things done in a timely manner rather than continue to procrastinate. And I hate feeling like I am talking into the void when I write. So thank you for taking the time to comment!

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    • You’re very welcome! It is a pleasure to see what others are up to and I know getting feedback always motivates me so I’m more than happy to try and give feedback to others. I know what you mean about hobbying with something you need done versus something you want to do. Hopefully, you’re able to stay on schedule with your projects, though I wouldn’t sweat it if it takes a month or two for a particular scenario, as there is almost no way you can keep cranking out battle reports so quickly. If you can, then you need share your secrets as to you how you’re doing it! 😀

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  3. I really like the addition of weather in your reports, “the mist the noonday sun hasn’t burnt off yet”!
    Keep up the good work!
    I do have a request though, could you do another group shot of your companies?

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  4. Adding the random weather from the old DiAgostini magazines is designed to improve replayability when we eventually end up recycling scenarios. My wife was frustrated by the reduced missile range of the mist but I suspect it prevented an early domination of the game by her archers.

    Battle Companies normally includes archers in the 33% bow limit but we decided to follow the SBG rule of heroes being excluded from bow limit as we intend to later use our Battle Companies in larger SBG battles.

    I will be sure to get updated group shots with the new reinforcements once they are done.

    So much to do, so little time….. thanks for the continuing support!

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