More Orcs!

So, it has taken me a bit longer to finish this bunch than I expected but I am satisfied with the results. Lots of different producers but all my own painting. Lots of inspiration from folks on the Lead Adventure Forum though.

First up, one my wife likes more than I do. It was an experiment to see if I could turn a cheap toy into a decent mini.

I replaced the head, added a cloak and some detail bits…

Seeing it in the close up photo, I may need to go back and redo the eyes. I did not get the greenstuff on his chest as smooth as I thought so I decided to add a black Orcish blood stain… either he was wounded at some point or the Orc he took it from was!

Next up, a banner bear converted from an Isengard Uruk-hai. I was going for a Mordor Uruk.

The banner reminds me of the battering ram called Grond.

Next up some Mordor Orc Trackers Converter from Mantic ghouls. I am quite pleased with how they turned out.

Next we have some Orcs from Wargames Factory, er I mean Warlord Games. I am not sure if they are the old ones I found on eBay from Wargames Factory or newer ones I bought on sale from Warlord Games. For those that do not know, Wargames Factory went out of business and Warlord Games bought some of their designs.

I quite like them. They are quite tall compared to other Orc miniatures I use but they have an older Orc aesthetic that brings some nostalgia to my not so young eyes.

Now some Oathmark Goblins.

Again, I really like these guys for their older aesthetic. I see Goblin and Orc as fairly interchangeable in Tolkien’s work. Goblins just being smaller Snaga compared to the bigger Uruks. So these work for me as Mordor Orcs… like the Games Workshop ones below…

These fellows were bought as part of a larger junk auction so I was surprised by them. Finecast resin, which I am not a fan of, I believe they were originally crew of a large warbeast… hence the unusual poses. Lots of personality even if the resin is ragged.

Ofcourse ragged works for Orcs.

Next some more casualty markers….

An GW Easterling and a Mantic Elf converted to be a Black Numenorean. The purple tint to the pale skin was inspired by the look of the flesh on the Mouth of Sauron in the Peter Jackson Return of the King film. Whilst a somewhat contentious view, we use the Black Numenoreans as fallen men who have been corrupted through the immortality Sauron offered them in exchange for their service…. so quasi-Undead.

Part of the reason I have been slow getting these done has been spending too much time watching folks play Mount and Blade 2, Bannerlord, on YouTube. I gave up computer gaming to restart tabletop wargaming. With a family I just did not have enough time and resources for both hobbies. And to be fair I could spend obsessive hours on games, with over a thousand hours on Fallout 4.

My computer gaming goes way back… all the way to the 90’s, playing Meridian 59 as a character called Goll Mac Morna. It was then that I had my first taste of pvp when I was “ganked” by a character called Tuxedo Mask. I think this was before the term was even invented. If anyone knows when the term was invented please feel free to leave a comment about it.

Asheron’s Call, Everquest, World of Warcraft, Fallout 3 & New Vegas, Fallen Earth, Stellaris, EVE, Heroes and Generals, Star Trek Online (lifetime member!) all the Total War titles, definitely all of the Elder Scrolls titles… well as more games than I care to continue listing here…thousands of hours of gaming.

And nothing to show for it except memories and a handful of screenshots.

As my wife has repeatedly pointed out, tabletop gaming creates lasting physical objects…. items my son may one day want.

Bannerlord has inspired some of my current ideas for our Middle Earth Gaming. I love a lot of the artwork in the game. It is right up there with Skyrim and ESO. And I even want to create Battle Companies scenarios based on the Bannerlord quests.

So many ideas… and just not enough time. To top it off my family spoiled me rotten for my birthday. Normally I try to fund the hobby on a tight budget of used minis with the occasional bargain sale purchase. However some of the things I could never get on the cheap showed up for my 50th.

So… many…. projects!

I am very fortunate to have such a generous family. Their generosity also provided for some “Laketown” buildings from Ziterdes, thanks to a lucky EBay find, which will stand in nicely for the opening scenario of our Battle Companies campaign. I just need to do a little paintwork and they will do nicely since we are still waiting for our Hagglethorn Hollow Kickstarter bundle.


  1. Happy belated birthday and that is an excellent haul! I’m very envious 🙂 It is cool that you’re using your experience in online gaming to get ideas for Battle Companies. I think your wife is onto something about how MMO’s only leave you with screenshots and memories. It is a shame when a game you love gets shut down and you can no longer play it. Even the ones that get brought back can never reclaim the glory they once had when they had a thriving community.

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    • Thanks mate! You make an excellent point. I forgot to mention my obsess…er… passion for Pirates of the Burning Sea back in the day. My heart broke when the RP server was shut down. It never really recovered for me after that despite several attempts over the years. I have not tried it under the current ownership though to be fair. I never tried Star Wars Galaxies but I have been led to believe it went through a similar evolution.

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      • You’re very welcome. Star Wars Galaxies is the exact game I had in mind! It was the perfect MMO for me and I have a nostalgia and longing for the game that will probably never be met much like Pirates of the Burning Sea was for you. At least we have our memories, I suppose!

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  2. I thought so, I know it was a much loved game with a very dedicated following. And yes we have our memories but as I grow older my memory is not what it used to be!


  3. Excellent work! I too had that epiphany just over a year ago. All that video gaming time with nothing to show for it. RPG’s and miniatures games sitting on the shelves gathering dust as the new editions come and go. Then the realization when I turned 50 that the “someday” I was waiting for had come and gone a long time ago. Make no mistake, I raised my boys right and they are gamers who love the odd board and RPG game when we can, but now the family is scattered and the chances for this are limited. So now, now I paint. With no wealth, land, or rare family heirlooms, the only thing I have to give is the miniatures I paint. To that end, I have dedicated myself to giving painted mini’s to my sons for any gift giving occasion. Started off with custom Hero Forge models of their D&D characters, but have now expanded into themed sets. Currently working on a Undead minions set for my oldest boy who is raising his own son. I have skeletons, ghouls, zombies and a Wight lord in a custom case for him.

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    • An excellent legacy! I do not necessarily regret the time I gave to PC gaming but I am glad to be painting now. However it can be frustrating to always put off a game so that I can paint something else I “need” first.


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