Rats… and Orcs!

Step by step… a little closer each day. Here we have some rats I bought from the same fellow I bought the dogs and wolves from in my previous blog post, as well as some Orcs from eBay.

The rats, both the swarms and the larger plague rats, only required some minor changes to suit our table.

Whilst we have no rules for rat swarms, or specifically plague infected rats, we do have some house rules from Battles in Wilderland. We also intend to add giant rats to some Goblin forces as it seems in keeping with their bat allies.

The Orcs come from various EBay auctionsand whilst already painted by the previous owners I decided to consommé modifications to more suit our table.

As you can see I did some greenstuff sculpting and weapon changes to try to create additional diversity. I also changed their bases from grey dominant to brown dominant to better match our other bases.

I had some trouble again with the Army Painter matt spray clear coat, even though it was a new can. I think the weather affected it, giving them more of a satin finish than matt. I tried putting on some brush applied matt clear coat but was too enthusiastic with it and ended up with light grey pools of dried clear coat in the recesses. So I put a thinned down black wash over them in the end. You can get away with a lot when it comes to Orcs compared to painting Elves.

Sadly we are still waiting for Hagglethorn Hollow. We have no idea when it will be delivered so my wife and I agreed to start our Battle Companies campaign without it. I still have a couple of batches to paint, more Orcs and Ruffians, before our first game but not long now. I hope to put battle reports from our campaign on this blog in the future so keep an eye out for that.


  1. The rats and orcs both look really good. That is a shame about your varnish not working. I had some bad results with rattlecan varnishes due to weather so I switched to using an airbrush and while there is a learning curve with an airbrush, I have not had any major issues varnishing since I got one so I’d recommend it if you’re looking for an alternative. I’m looking forward to seeing some battle reports for your campaign as well 🙂

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  2. Given the intermittently moist air of San Francisco, I’ve just decided to skip spray cans by and large. Perhaps some day my skills will improve enough that I care, but for now a brush is good enough for my table.

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