Testing my patience…

As if the current global crisis is not distracting me enough from my painting, this last lot has really tested the limits of my patience. Seems I did something wrong with the final clear coat matt spray… which resulted in several attempts to fix it. Basically each mini needed its own separate fix, so it was very time consuming.

First up, another GW Fantasy High Elf cavalry figure repaint. I basically ended up repainting the whole thing in the end, but kept the horse color the previous owner had rather than try to paint white over it. I gave it a couple small differences to create some individuality from the other High Elf cavalry but in general it follows the same overall scheme.

Next another bit of scatter terrain ruins… most likely going to end up on eBay at some point and a Mantic Elf casualty done as a Black Numenorean. I am still undecided on this idea.

And then we have some dogs and wolves that I bought from a fellow on the Lead Adventure Forum for a very reasonable price. Wyrmalla is a decent person to do business with. I did some minor tweaks to the painting and bases.

The dogs are on 25mm bases and the wolves are on 32mm bases.

There are also these two dogs from him which had leather harnesses so I added baggage to the leather straps.

Rules to use the dogs will come from Battle Companies, although we may need a house rule for the baggage dogs. The rules for the wolves will come from the house rules in Battles in Wilderland.

In other news, we watched The Two Popes…

… which I rather surprisingly enjoyed. I recommend it if you like slow, character driven films and want a glimpse inside the Vatican.


  1. I love those old High Elf sculpts from GW! I wish they still made things in that style. The terrain and pack of dogs look great too. I didn’t realize you could get a dog in battle companies but that seems like a great and characterful addition to almost any good side.

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  2. Thanks! The nice thing about the dog rules (and other animals) in Battle Companies is that it is easy to create a house rule to use them in regular SBG games.

    As for the GW Fantasy High Elves and Wood Elves, our current idea is to use them as Elves from the East in fluff but use one of the regular Elven factions for stats.


  3. Great batch even with challenges and hard times.

    Definitely can do baggage dogs; when I was a little kid my parents taught our dogs to wear little packs for backpacking trips so they could port their own dog food. 😀

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