You… you… Ruffian!

With the troubling times we live in right now I have struggled to concentrate on my painting. However, I finally managed to finish this lot. First up is the well my wife did.

Next, some minis to use as ruffians for our Battle Companies campaign. I see them as your average bandits, out for themselves.

I tried to go with muted earth tones but avoid looking too much like rangers. It was more difficult than I expected. The Perry Miniatures fellow in grey clothes is “Fancy Jack”, a scoundrel on the run from Minas Tirth. I added things like holes in their clothes, some patched, and keys to represent the manacles they are supposed to have.

I also had some minis that were supposed to become ruffians that I think just turned out as villagers.

The villager on the right reminds me and my wife of our friend Werner… and his larp character Merias… so now we have Merias in our Middle Earth Game!

I also decided to do another casualty. I really struggled to decide what colors to paint him, originally starting with Dol Amroth, but decided in the end o paint him in generic browns. Most likely some random sellsword or adventurer.

In the various EBay auctions I have won have been some minis that came as a surprise… like the Mantic Elves I got as part of an undead collection. My wife is not a fan of them and did not want them for her Elven forces…

… so I cut off the ears and made this one a Black Numenorean. My wife thinks it works but I am undecided.

And I made this fellow…

He started as a D&D half-Orc I think. The head looked too small for the body, so I cut it off and replaced it with one from my bits box. I repainted the blue cloak in a rust red… I was trying to go for a medieval fantasy version of the Brotherhood of Steel Paladin Danse from Fallout 4 if he had been played by Charlton Heston. Not sure I got what I was aiming for. Likely this one will be either sold on or gifted to someone.

In other news we finished Season 4 of Altered Carbon. It finished better than I expected as I drifted a bit midseason. Poe completely stole the show for me.

We also finished season 1 of Picard. I was incredibly disappointed. Not as bad as Star Trek Discovery but bad. It felt like amateurish fan fiction writing with a mismanaged special effects budget. Some decent acting but there is only so much even Patrick Stewart can do with terrible writing.

I have despaired of late over the state of two of my favorite IP’s, Star Trek and Star Wars. It got to the point I thought my nostalgia for older versions of these shows was ruining my ability to enjoy new stories but seeing the first two episodes of The Mandalorian has shown me that doing at least Star Wars justice is possible. The show so far is brilliant, everything I wanted it to be.

Fire Kathleen Kennedy! I have spoken.


  1. That is a great looking group of Ruffians and the well looks perfect for MESBG as well. I can only echo what you said about Star Wars. While I really liked Rogue One, most of the new movies have been okay or even bad in some cases. Star Wars was my favorite pop culture thing until The Last Jedi happened and now I struggle to enjoy it like I used to. Thank goodness that the Lord of the Rings is timeless!

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