Even more scatter!

So this last week I have been working on even more scatter terrain won in EBay auctions. One small bit eventually turned into what is basically a tiny diorama.

It started out with a roughly made resin person in a sleeping bag. I put it on a spare base I had, something from a GW giant’s sprue bits auction. Cutting the corners of the base to round them off a bit created a slightly more natural appearance I thought.

Then I added the bird… the red of the woodpecker brought some color to the piece. Then the tree. Then the blade tucked into the bedroll. I may have overdone it.

Next up is a Goblin tent… won in an auction but I think made by Scotia Grendel. I decided to go with a light tan color… perhaps not my best decision in hindsight but I guess it works.

I added the spear and axe at the entrance… and the small rat at the back. I thought about removing the skulls to make it look a bit more generic but was not confident I could remove them without causing damage to the rest of the piece. Resin has a habit of cracking and shattering more than you expect.

We won some small bits I decided not to base….

…. so I could do things like put them into wagons, buildings, ships and carts.

One piece, the rucksack, blankets, etc came with the sleeper mentioned above. I added the canteen and dagger whilst putting it on a 25mm base. The strap for the canteen is greenstuff. The canteen itself from GW Imperial spare bits.

I also went back and did a little additional work on our doghouse piece, adding his favorite bone and a water bowl.

Thanks to help from our friend Tom in the UK we have been able to compete in auctions in the UK that normally we would miss out on because they do not ship to Germany. Because of his help we won a couple of great research bundles….

Playing catch up reading lots of old material that may technically out of date in some ways but great inspiration nonetheless. The journey books were not as great a resource as I was hoping for scenarios we could rewrite for our Battle Companies but considering what we paid still well worth reading to get up to speed on the history of Strategy Battle Game.

We also won….

… the complete DeAgostini Collection of Battle Games magazines for a remarkably low price. Even shipping was much, much less than we expected thanks to Tom’s research. Whilst they did not come with the minis they had originally there is still plenty of information to sift through.

Speaking of information, there is a remarkable interview with Rick Priestly, the guy behind the original Games Workshop Lord of the Rings project as well as Warhammer…. a legend in game design in my opinion, that is well worth watching. His comment about 8% license fee and the corporate decisions on managing the IP at GW are fascinating.

I also want to recommend Jack Sarge’s blog… his painting has been inspirational to me.



  1. That is some great looking scatter terrain! If you can track down some of the other “Army” books like Khazad-Dum, Mordor, Harad, those may have some scenarios that are closer to Battle Companies level games but for the most part, it is its own thing. Most scenarios require more minis and are on a slightly larger scale than Battle Companies. The Fellowship of the Ring Journeybook and Scouring of the Shire probably have the lowest mini counts of any scenarios you’ll find so those are my recommendation if that is something that interests you!

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    • Thanks Kuribo.

      As for the scenarios, it is not the scale so much but rather narratives that make sense with the addition of our Battle Companies. Really what I should do is look at the scenarios and just distill any special rules to create entirely new scenarios.

      I do not know why but when I look at the scenarios for Battles in Wilderland I can easily imagine just adding our companies to either side.

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      • If you haven’t taken a look, SBGInventory.com shows you a summary of what you need for various scenarios from the different books so you might find that a helpful resource in determining what books will work best for you. It sounds like you have some ambitious and pretty cool plans! I look forward to seeing what you come up with 🙂

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  2. That sleeping bag piece is great! Hadn’t considered a woodpecker as a familiar or animal companion before, but obviously this one is keeping a good watch. 😀
    The blade in the bedroll and the hand nearby is perfect to create the mood.

    I think the sun-faded tent hides work fine.
    Wonder if you could putty the fronts of the skulls to smooth them and then put helmets over to create a more generic warrior/hunter’s camp?

    I love small boxes, crates, piles of vegetables, etc. so much I’ve got a rule I’m not allowed to buy any more until I’ve assembled and painted /everything/ I already own. So great for making those market or farmstead scenes though! 😀

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    • I enjoy reading your take on things, you seem to often see things in a way that I missed but tend to agree with. Brilliant idea on the skulls. And I had not considered the Woodpecker as a familiar but that is genius.

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