A broad selection of scatter and some animals… or monsters… your call. I started out pretty motivated on this lot but it became a bit of a chore to get them done. Several instances of going back to rework something I was not happy with.

First, I have these textured 20mm bases I won as part of a larger bits auction. Too small for most purposes I tried to be creative, even going so far as to put them on very thin Warlord Games plastic 25mm bases… thinking it would save me time in the long run since they were made already textured. But they are rather tall… and that made them look like small hills compared to most minis I tried putting on them. So instead I tried some trees.

I had this crazy idea to take a bird bit from a Celtic helmet and instead use it as an actual bird… I think it came out pretty neat.

Then a fruit tree.

Next up a bit of a water feature of sorts…

My wife did the resin water. Not sure if I like the lantern because I have seen conflicting advice on how to do flames… yellow base to red tips and red base to yellow tips.

Next up some camp setting pieces that were a gift from my friend Tom. Thanks Tom! Hopefully you like how I painted them, mate. I chose not to base them because I wanted to be able to conceal things under them. I even took the time to paint the inside canvas material.

I have experimented with a bunch of Mantic pieces. Some I like better than others.

This Dwarf casualty looks a bit too World of Warcraft for both me and my wife, so not sure if we will be using it.

The Elven cat I decided to paint up like a cougar.

The dog… I am not sure is Mantic.

And finally some spiders. I went back and reworked the bigger one. The smaller ones are parts from an old Citadel terrain basing kit put on 25mm bases… to be spiderlings for the Spider Queen I intend to do at some point so we can play the Battles in Wilderland campaign. I was trying to go for a bit of a Wolf Spider look… I did not quite get it but I hate spiders and could only tolerate so much time both researching this and painting them. I made the mistake of watching a clip from the new Doctor Who with a giant spider that has been giving me nightmares.

Today I stumbled onto the trailer for the new Tom Hanks war movie Greyhound. Looks pretty good to me although rather melodramatic. It definitely had a Saving Private Ryan vibe.


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