Sticks and stones…

I was surprised how much GW LOTR scatter terrain ruins we have accumulated in various bits auctions and decided to get a bunch done. I tried to make them different enough that they would not look like repeated pieces with exactly the same design.

My wife does not seem convinced we need so many repeats of the same pieces so some of these may end up being sold on or given as gifts.

Speaking of my wonderful wife, she did me the favor of having printed and bound the work of Shaun Wymer, “Battles in Wilderland”.

I love this book! Shaun’s work is inspirational and it has me hungry for more like it. Basically he has integrated GW’s SBG with Cubicle 7’s The One Ring RPG to create an excellent set of house rules and scenarios.

Whilst I came across his work on Facebook back when I was on there, you can find a link on DC Hobbit League to the PDF.

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