A bit of everything…

A diverse bunch of things finished the past couple of days.

Some grim terrain… my wife preferred it before I added the grim aspects but I figured we could do with some bits to darken the atmosphere of some places. I see this on the edge of Mirkwood for example.

The stump is a resin figure base I won already part painted in an auction of similar bits. I just completed it and it formed the foundation of the piece. I then found a soft plastic tree bit in a junk box and hung the skeleton from it. That piece was part of a GW giant bits sprue…. as was the Chaos Rune inscribed stone, which I cut from a giant’s club. The bones were removed from one of the dryads I did for my wife, as was the arrow from another dryad, and I had the idea to put them together like this. The rat was a rather obvious choice.

Next up more scatter terrain.

Another resin stump, this time with a skull from the bits box.

And then a casualty marker…

My wife is not a fan of such pieces but I think they lend gravitas to the table.

And now an attempt to have a giant spider on the cheap…

…. I am not sure it works. It is a bit small for that 40mm base. It is one of the older GW WHFB spiders and it is not terribly dynamic in its pose. That said, I am a bit of an arachnophobe so it was challenging to pain it nonetheless. I will try a second one with some modification to the front legs, so we will see how that comes out.

Some hounds… I would have preferred winning ones without armor but that is part of buying in auctions on a budget. These came unpainted and I struggled a bit to come up with colors I liked. I did not want to get into a complicated German Shepard design for example.

A Wood Elf for my wife, sort of a proof of concept. I won some GW fantasy Wood Elves like this and modified the original paintwork to look more inline with our current design to see if my wife liked them or not. It passed the test.

I also took a mini missing it’s arm that I could not identify and repaired it from my bits box with a Gripping Beast arm.

I asked for help ID’ing the mini on the Lead Adventure forum and was kindly informed it was a GW Ithilien Ranger horn blower from the metal command blister. For now it is just a regular Ranger for my wife.

And I did go back and do a rework on an Isengard standard bearer…

I made some cuts in the banner to make it look more ragged and used a water slide decal from GW 40k Dark Eldar.

And finally, perhaps a bit contentious…. some minis we plan to use as Pelargir marines. Yes, I know, they look like Roman Republican marines. My wife is not fully convinced yet either.

Part of my vision for our project is a bit Saxons versus Samurai, Celts versus Spartans, Rus versus Persians…. given our use of proxy minis. I try to find things that fit as well as Saxons for Rohan. So Samurai as Khand for example.

Pelargir marines use throwing spears in one modded computer game I know of… and the clothing works well aboard ships…

If Peter Jackson can add Medieval plate armor to a world steeped in Dark Ages Technology and imagery surely we can get away with these marines….

Let me know what you think in the comments!

In other news we started watching season 2 of Altered Carbon. Good casting choices except for the Protectorate Colonel however we are struggling to get into it as much as we were in season 1. The writing just seems a bit off. But it is certainly better than Picard!

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