If you go down to the woods today…

With quite a bit more work than I expected some more miniatures finished for my wife.

My wife likes Faramir much better than Boromir and she loves horses so I thought it important to get these done. The horse was won in auction already painted the way I like. Just added some small details like the eyes and metal fittings on the bridle. Then I added some things to the base to spice it up a bit.

The mounted Faramir was one I got in a junk bits auction, missing his sword. I simply added a new one and painted the mini up. A relatively quick job with black primer, gun metal drybrushing and minor detail work. The sculpt on his face is not great nor easy to paint well but I think it came out ok.

Faramir on foot is a piece I finished awhile back but I went back and redid the trim on his clothes to match what I did on the mounted Faramir. I messed up my original design concept but just when with the messy, almost random appearing scrawl. Sometimes you need to embrace mistakes and try to make something cool out of them. My wife liked the result of this mistake.

Next up was me trying to be clever. My wife is pretty good about getting things into our vision of Middle Earth. She came up with the idea of “dragon men” south of Far Harad so that I could use GW lizardmen and she liked my suggestion for her to use GW dryads with Wood Elf Sentinel stats. She mentioned she liked the GW gryph-hounds but sadly that they were a step too far from her vision of Middle Earth. So I tried to come up with a way for us to have a gryph-hound in Arda….

I thought in a land where what are fantastical creatures to us exist, surely they have fictional creations of their own.

And I finished some more Dryads… which turned out to be a lot more work than I was expecting. I won these already painted. I planned on rebasing them, giving them a quick wash and being done… but my wife was not keen on the painting style of the original owner who went with very sharp contrasts in highlighting rather than using washes.

One mini I completely repainted, the others were heavily drybrushed and washed with several different washes.

I really thought it was all wasted effort until I finished them. The birch was just not coming out the way I wanted, looking more like stone than wood. The washes were coming out too glossy, the colors going too dark and murky.

But as I got closer to finishing I started to get more optimistic. Changing the eyes to orange helped. The foliage on the bases helped as did the matt clear coat.

I was optimistic enough to try foliage on the tops of some of them. My wife really likes the small painted leaves, so she does not normally like added foliage since it can obscure or conflict with the painted leaves. So I only put foliage on those where this would be limited. In the end both of us were pleased with the results.

My wife has a vision of a mystical forest that she wants to create and we are slowly getting there.

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