Trees are people too…

Despite having a list of things I really should be finishing for our Battle Companies campaign I was inspired to work on some scatter terrain and some Dryads.

The Dryads will surprise some folks because they may seem non-Tolkien… but he does make a passing reference to them and my wife thinks they fit our vision of Arda. So I have been trying get them inexpensively in EBay auctions with some success.

She likes these sculpts in particular from Games Workshop. This batch came already painted by the previous owner. I just changed the eyes to orange, changed the wood sprite from red to green, gave them some washes and rebased them.

Then I also did some scatter terrain. The first is one that has been waiting a long time to finish. A year ago my wife made the stone out of some putty and I finally got around to basing it.

Next up is a little statue I made out of spare bits. The plinth was cast out of plaster and was in a big bag of plaster cast bits… Th dragon was a small plastic bit, either a standard top or Bretonnian helmet top.

Then some ruins. I tried to decorate them differently enough that they do not look like clones.

Then some barrels. A mix of plastic and plaster.

Then I did some plastic GW ruins statues, again trying to decorate them in a way that makes them look less like identical repeats of the same piece.

And then I took a large third party Chaos base and tried to make it into scatter terrain. I imagine it is a set of rune stones around a dark underground entrance with the chains going down to a ladder for accessing the surface from the depths.

We won three of these in auction. I am not sure yet what I will do with the other two, I may sell them on. But if you have a suggestion please leave a comment with your idea.

I also went back and reworked some pieces to add grass to the sides of the bases. I am not sure if I really like this look or my original brown painted sides. What do you think?

My wife finished her first river section. She would have been done sooner but she had to go back and redo the resin water after I sprayed Matt clear coat over the piece in a not very well thought out plan to make the piece more robust. Lesson learned, you can not just go put gloss clear coat over matt clear coated resin water. Doh!

The only bit I did on this piece beyond the spray coating was the pheasant. My wife picked out the mini but asked me to paint it. Overall I think she has done an amazing job on it. We decided not to bevel the edges of the piece but instead make pieces to put up against the edge with a beveled outer edge.

In other news I finished another Harrington book…. Echoes of Honor. A great read. Brilliant story with a moving conclusion to the imprisonment plot line. Highly recommended reading.

We are halfway through Picard season 1 and I keep thinking I would rather be watching a good Honor Harrington tv series. The fifth episode of Picard was very disappointing. Predictable and unnecessarily violent. The opening scene was like some sort of torture gore porn rather than Star Trek. Picard’s alias persona was beyond ridiculous. DS9 could have easily had a similar scene but I doubt it would have been as clumsy. Really becoming disappointed in the show.

But what do you think of Picard? Let me know in the comments!


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