The flowers of Elven chivalry… and more…

So a few things finished. Some new pieces and some reworking on old pieces to make some improvements.

My wife surprised me with choosing Lothlorien for her Battle Company instead of Rohan so I had to paint up a couple of pieces for her to start with. She intends to paint her own minis for her Company but that is going to take a bit of time given all her on going projects and limited free time.

I took the time to work on some other Lothlorien minis for future use…

The Captain and Sentinel are metal GW pieces. The other Wood Elf is from some other maker, I do not know who. I did some modifications to the weapons to try to get a bit more of a LOTR movie look, changed some of the colors from what the previous owner chose, added some washes and rebased it. I thought my wife might want to use this one but she is not a fan of the 80’s style sculpt, particularly the face. I like the nostalgic aspect of the sculpt.

Next up a figure that I think is from Heroquest… it looked a lot like Arnie as Conan, which my wife was not a fan of so I tried to make it look more in keeping with how I am going to make our Dunlendings look, which will be a strange mix of various fantasy barbarian influences.

I really thought the shield suited the mini quite nicely. The joy of an extensive bits box.

Next is an Elven marker stone as an objective marker but can be random scatter terrain as well.

I asked my wife what color of flowers she wanted. She thought red too cliche and I thought white would make the stone look more grey… so we agreed on peach. I think it works.

And finally we have a bunch of Rohan reworks. Some of our earliest pieces, from when we thought the minis would do double duty between the Fantasy Middle Earth SBG and the historical game Saga.

Rohan conversions of Gripping Beast Dark Ages Warriors

Since the first narrative scenario in Battle Companies is against Ruffians in Bree I have been working on some converted Ruffians. It made me realize I would have liked our converted warriors of Rohan to be more distinctively Rohan. In hindsight I wish I had given all the unarmored Dark Ages warriors at least helmets to suggest they were in fact armored. Hindsight is 20/20. Cloaks would have been nice but between expense and hassle adding them at this late stage I settled on adding some axes and sheathed swords to their belts.

Lots of earth tones with at least a touch of green on each one but not exactly a uniformed green look. We will not be sticking strictly to GW paint schemes.


  1. Fantastic work here. Particularly love your terrain pieces and the LOTR statues. Golgotha here from LAF.


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