Step by step…

So I managed to finally clear coat and finish some more bits that I have been working on for some time.

Odds and ends in my bits box auction winnings came together to make this little terrain piece. It should add some character to a village or homestead at some point. The nameplate over the dog has runes of the dog’s name…. “Dog”.

I struggled to come up with a design to put on the sign, so I asked for advice on the Lead Adventure forum. That is where I learned about the runes I used on the dog house. I decided to go with a map icon of water, something pretty universal. Even Orcs need water. The vulture was inspired by the ones that make the mistake of bothering Arnie in Conan.

Then we have a Gripping Beast Late Roman painted up as a warrior of Rohan. I went back and forth on using the Coptic tunic design but in the end decided to go with it. This is a complete repaint from what the previous owner had.

And finally, I finished another Isengard Uruk-hai pike block. These are all repainted from what the previous owners had done… so some have lost quite a bit of detail definition. But I think for massed combat tabletop duty they look ok.

There is still have one more Uruk-hai pike block to do but not sure when I will get around to doing it given our Battle Companies requirements have jumped the priority queue.

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