Keeping busy…

Odds and ends…

Every piece completed is one small step forward on the ever growing projects that fill my free time. I find that some things jump the queue on my priorities depending on my mood. Lately I have been in the mood to work on terrain.

First up a throne, some stairs and a statue won in various bits auctions on eBay. All were already painted but I did some reworking of the brushwork from the previous owner… and I pit the statue on a stonework base to act as a low plinth.

I decided the statue came out good enough to be a well cared for town statue rather than an overgrown one found in some ruins. My wife likes it so I expect it to end up in Hagglethorn Hollow… when it eventually gets here. Looking like May before it is delivered. Sigh.

Next some rickety old fences.

These were 3D printed bits we picked up in a games shop in Düsseldorf. I am not that keen on how they came out but my wife likes them.

I tried to give this piece some character, even the stone by the door is there for a reason. I considered putting a spear leaning up on the side, anyone who has re-enacted or larped will understand why. But in the end I decided against it… the joke could get old.

A tree with the remains of an iconic medieval fantasy denizen… every low level adventurer ends up facing one of these eventually, a giant rat.

And last but not least a couple of GW fantasy skinks… which may end up in our Middle Earth project or our Pirates of Ghost Archipelago project. I am still undecided.

I won these fellows in auction already painted… I just rebased them and changed a few details, like their eyes. Originally my thinking was for all my lizardmen to use the same color scheme but now I am thinking of using various different color schemes to break up the clone effect caused by limited poses and equipment choices.

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