More Orcs for Mordor!

In the Service of the Lidless Eye!

I managed to finish a few more Mordor Orcs and go back to rework some others.

I added shields to these Mordor Uruk-hai. Higher tier Orcs, I figure they would be quick to take shields off their weaker kin.

And I went back to rework the shields on these two Mordor Orcs. Hopefully they look less like IKEA tribal decor footstools now.

I am particularly pleased with some little conversion bits I added, such as the rucksack on one and the lunch on the belt of the other. Spare GW bits come in handy to break up the clone effect of repeat poses.

Just in case you did not see the lunch….

Rat and turnip soup for lunch!

I managed to finally catch Prospect… a tidy little B movie movie from Dust.

I quite enjoyed it. Not perfect, some old tropes but a couple of new twists and thankfully I had avoided spoilers so I was on the edge of my seat in regards to just how alien… and dangerous… the planet and it’s denizens may be…. definitely had a Firefly vibe going on. Great inspiration for Core Space!

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