Another step towards the Forest…

My wife and I managed to get a couple of terrain pieces done. Both are part of the great forest my wife imagines as a key part of our Middle Earth project.

The tree is a 3D printed one we picked up in a shop in Düsseldorf. My wife did the majority of the work, I just painted the animals and a couple small details. All the rest is her work and to her vision.

The stump is a miniature base I won already painted in an auction of bases. Rather than use it as a miniature base I decided to use it as a terrain piece or objective marker. I just added some washes, dry brushing and static grass. Oh, and the exotic reptile to increase the character of the piece… like a Jim Henson project.

We have been doing our homework regarding our Middle Earth wargaming and World Building. My wife has been collecting The One Ring RPG books from Crucible 7 and I have been scouring the internet for interesting house rules to improve the game.

One idea I like is to add volley plunging fire to archer units. Basically the idea is to simulate the ability to use archers in indirect fire mode. The unit treats it’s fire the same as a siege engine. And perhaps increased range. The idea needs some play testing for balance.

Do you know any cool SBG house rules? Feel free to leave a comment regarding this!

In other news, my wife and I finished the final season of Hell on Wheels.

I found the final season unnecessarily, gratuitously in fact, bleak. That said, I did like the exploration of Chinese involvement in building America. The whole series has been very compelling watching but I often felt the characters were inconsistent in their personalities, as if different writers did not agree on the character motivations.

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