Core Space…

The crews of the Ion Hope and Black Maria from Core Space.

I have several projects on the go right now, all of which interest me to varying degrees… but Core Space really is something special for me. I do not really know why but I fell in love with it when it came to my attention… and that love turned into near obsession when I met the three guys behind Core Space at Spiele in Essen earlier this year.

That love had me nervous about painting the minis for the game. I wanted them to be perfect or at least as close as my modest painting skills would allow. I procrastinated… but finally got started with the two starter crews.

I consider these among my best work. Painstaking hours of meticulous work to get the right colors, the tiny details, that would recreate the artwork of the rule book. In some cases this conflicted with how the minis were sculpted, as in Lars wearing trousers instead of shorts and in others the conflict was between the illustrations and the painted minis shown. I tried to stick as close as I could to the illustrations.

First up the crew of the Black Maria.

Jace reminds me of Han Solo and will be my starter character.

Whilst not normally a fan of such colors by the time I was done with him I loved the mini.

Lars was a tough one. The model’s right foot had not been formed properly so I had to use greenstuff modeling putty to sculpt a new foot. In the illustrations, and the mini in the rule book, his shoulder throw had stitching that was absent in my mini. I tried to recreate the stitching with paint but I could just never get it to look right. His face was difficult as he had very little definition to his mouth. I accentuated it by carving into the paint on the face a bit with my fingernail.

Renton’s mini reminds me of Frank Castle (The Punisher) for some reason, although the illustration in the rule book does not. I put a lot of effort to try to paint his weapon as per the illustrations.

Next we have the crew of the Ion Hope.

Arianna will be the starter character of my wife. The face you see is a second attempt as I accidentally got some black wash on my first attempt.

Roykirk is an interesting character and was fun to paint… except for his eyes. I hate painting eyes.

Gak is a member of the Quell species… he reminds me of Bortas in The Orville and reminds my wife of Ka D’Argo from Farscape.

Tirgarde is another one of those minis that I was not a huge fan of in the beginning… purple and white… ugh! But by the time I finished I loved the look.

So many great minis in Core Space… plus the amazing terrain Battle Systems is known for. I still have not played a game… I have civilians and Purge to paint first but we will get there. Painting these eight minis have taken me many hours of concentration but al have resulted in pure joy.

I wish I could get the same joy out of contemporary Star Trek… the JJ Abrams Movies were disappointing fan fiction with big budgets. Discovery was a disaster. I fear Picard will disappoint but I shall try to remain hopeful….

The other day I stumbled onto this video. I have not yet seen the Short Trek episodes…but this disturbed me… even more than Discovery. It seems a betrayal of Roddenbery’s vision. Now I will admit the non-militaristic image of Starfleet annoyed the young me that became a soldier but just as the young me grew to favor Kirk less and Picard more as a role model so too have I grown into more peacekeeping police officer than warfighting soldier. Starfleet as a paramilitary policing and exploration organization rather than a space navy appeals to the older me.

Do not get me wrong… I still think the TNG And DS9 Klingons are fun to watch but whilst I may have once wanted to be Klingon these days I am not prepared to trade Root Beer for Bloodwine.

It amazes me how the IP’s of my youth, that I once loved, have gotten so far from what I loved about them. Star Wars and Star Trek today just seem so underwhelming in their cynicism, shallowness and superficiality.

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