Odds and ends…

Taking much longer than I expected, I finished a display base for the plastic Games Workshop Fellowship. Unfortunately I had not taken the Moria themed base into account when I based the minis…. hence Gimli looking a bit out of place on Balin’s tomb.

In addition to this I experimented with another Eaglemoss piece for another variation of Galadriel.

It was not difficult to tidy up the original factory paintwork, redo the eyes and decorate the base. The idea was to use it to represent a very angry Galadriel spell casting… you can see the scale difference here.

In other news, I finished the second season of The Purge. That did not go the way I thought it would go…

Whilst my wife has no interest in watching The Purge she does watch Hell on Wheels with me and we finished season 4. I find myself strangely compelled to keep watching despite it being incredibly depressing. Anson Mount is a great character but I find the Bohannon character problematic at best. The show is very cynical with corruption and vice rife. Horrible people are repeatedly shown in sympathetic, almost reverential light. Still, annoyed as I may be by that I keep on watching.

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