Star Wa… er I mean Core Space….

I realize I have been procrastinating on my Core Space project but I had some Wizards of the Coast Star Wars miniatures gifted to me for Christmas by my friend Tom. These seemed like a quick and easy path to having some extra Core Space minis finished.

They come pre-painted but anyone familiar with them knows the painting is… uninspiring.

First up, the Verpine Technician… should make a cool engineer in Core Space. This figure was the most difficult due to rebasing and the feet.

Next up a Rhodian Raider. I tried to make it a little more colorful with small details whilst remaining as true as possible to the original paint scheme. The eyes were a headache because of the tiny sculpt. The light you see in the eyes is a reflection from using gloss matt coat just on the eyes rather than painted highlights.

Then a Bith Rebel…. guess he gave up on his life as a musician.

Followed by a Trianii Scout. I changed a couple of things on this one. I added the plume on the helmet to match an illustration I saw online. My wife recommended the green for the cloak to make it look less monochrome.

The bases on all four are 1.5 x 25 mm Litko bases. I really prefer these to the more commonly available 3 mm bases but are much more difficult to source here in Germany.

In other news, I managed to watch Illang: Wolf Brigade. A South Korean take on a Japanese story. Much better than I was expecting.

I liked the changed background of a future reunifying Korea, although I would have liked to see the international aspects of that explored more.


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