A new year and a gaggle of Hobbits…

You may want to grab your favorite tasty beverage before starting this one… because it looks to be a long one!

First blog post of 2020 and there is a lot of things to cover. We begin with the completion of a bunch of Hobbits… although it is misleading because it is only four characters!

Here we have Frodo… in metal.

Getting Frodo’s Rucksack correct required some research.


One Frodo is in plastic. This one is commonly done to suit Moria. I considered doing the base to reflect that but decided in the end to use my usual all purpose base design.

Next up we have Sam in metal.

As you can see, his rucksack is very different.

We also have a plastic Sam. My wife And I are fond of the weaponized frying pan but the sculpt is not as good as some of the others. This is made even worse by my painting over the previous owner’s paintwork.

Next we have Merry in metal.

And plastic…

And finally we have Pippin in metal….

… finecast resin…

… and plastic. His scarf on all these were particularly difficult so I tried to just convey the general idea rather than accurately replicate it. And his cloak is still a bit too bright, I may go back and put on a strong dark brown wash.

I tried to be a bit more screen accurate than Games Workshop, where I could.


In addition I finished some unit formation bases.

With it having been the holiday season, I have not gotten as much painting time as I planned but I did finish my Christmas gift for my Mother in time. But sadly it did not arrive on time. That said it is there now…

My Mother likes Brian Froud artwork so this seemed appropriate… the Rat is named Charlie.

In other news my wife and I finished the Witcher. Overall I really enjoyed it. I tend to agree with Angry Joe except for the bard. I did not like the writing for the character. Too often his dialogue sounded too contemporary for my taste.

With some improvement for season 2 this could be an amazing show. Get a better armorer and battle choreographer!

We also got caught up on season 2 of Lost in Space.

We enjoyed it. I had hoped for more but it was alright. By the end of the season I started enjoying hating Doctor Smith and stopped disliking the actor. I still miss the old tv series Doctor Smith though.

I also finished season one of Mars. It really made me wonder about crime and mutiny in both the Antarctic and a potential Mars mission. It really irks me that humanity still bickers over natural resources rather than I unifying to conquer frontiers. I expected us to be considerably further advanced by now, with sustainable underwater habitats, space stations and colonies across the Solar System.

On the topic of bickering… we finally saw Star Wars 9, The Rise of Skywalker. Let me start by saying I have been a huge Star Wars fan since I was a little kid. I memorized dialogue from A New Hope… before I knew it was A New Hope.

For the record I believe A New Hope is the best Star Wars. The definitive Star Wars. A science fantasy fable that is as important a myth as King Arthur. I know many think Empire Strikes Back is the best but I respectfully disagree.

I was not a huge fan of the prequels. Rogue One and Solo were ok but not monumental. Force Awakens was disappointing overall. Some interesting ideas poorly executed and some just plain ridiculous ideas.

The Last Jedi… no. Just… no. The wounds have not healed yet.

I went into Skywalker with low expectations. I am glad I did. It was much like Force Awakens but no surprise with JJ Abrams at the helm. Some good bits but some dreadfully bad plot holes and poor decisions. Gorgeous cinematography, costumes, set design and special effects. But the writing was weak and the team just did not seem to have a good grasp of the canon Star Wars universe.

I agree a good bit with Alex on the Angry Joe review discussion.

And that should wrap up this blog post… finally! Respect and thanks to all those with the dedication to read all the way to the end! As always please feel free to like, share and comment in order to keep the blog going!


  1. Saw the original Star Wars eleven times the summer it came out. A tween girl with her doors blown off by a character like Princess Leia. And by the third film I became a bit dubious. And then came that ad for a video game, The Phantom Menace, with all its deep flaws, and I was out. Done. But still, those first two movies; that was some fine stuff. And Han shot first.

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