With the holidays and family commitments not much painting has gotten finished… so today we have a look at some lizardmen I finished a few months back.

Originally the plan was to use them in our Middle Earth project… my wife knows I love lizardmen and came up with the suggestion that they can be from south of Far Harad.

However, we are now thinking of using them instead for our Pirates of Ghost Archipelago concept. We are thinking of a future project mixing the Archipelago game with a Golden Age of Piracy setting. Maybe take elements of Blood and Plunder as well.

I really love the newer Lizardmen sculpts from Games Workshop… or should I say Seraphon? I dislike the lore of the Seraphon in Age of Sigmar so I wonder what we will see from GW when they bring back Warhammer Fantasy.

I won these in an auction already painted. I rebased them, changed a few small details but really the look comes from the original owner. The shield colors are my own and the banner. I really love how the banner came out as I experimented with trying to get a carved jade look.

As soon as I saw these I knew I had the color scheme I wanted rather than the more common blue lizardmen. But now I am thinking of using a mix of color schemes on the host of unpainted lizardmen I still need to do. This should break up the overly uniform clone effect given the limited poses and equipment available normally.

Whilst I did not finish any minis I finished another Honor Harrington novel.

A great read, exploring the nature of POW treatment as well as the friction between pure military forces and political paramilitary forces.

We finished Season Four of The Expanse. The episodes got a bit better at the season went on thankfully but it was still the weakest episode so far for me. My love for the show felt strained. Amos was entertaining as always. Some character deaths made me sad, which proved the show still makes me care about characters but is not afraid to make me sad from time to time in order to keep the stakes high. Overall it felt rushed. So many shows feel rushed lately, trying to tell too much story too quickly, rather than letting things develop at a more natural speed… such as the character evolution of Bobby, which I empathized with felt forced given the speed of it.

An interesting review that does not completely agree with my view but makes some good points. Beware spoilers though.

With Expanse finished for us for now we started watching The Witcher. I am more familiar with the game than the books…

I went in with low expectations but high hopes… it is far from perfect. There is a very annoying bard for example with terribly out of place music.

But Cavill has surprised me with how good I find his portrayal of Geralt of Rivia. Originally I doubt his ability and wanted Anson Mount for the role but I have to admit that so far Cavill is pretty perfect in the role. He is occasionally let down by poor scripted dialogue that sounds out of place but otherwise I love how he can convey things with just a facial expression.

Costuming is generally good, if larpy but the armor tends to be rather poor in design and fit. The fighting makes up for it in the smaller fights. That said the bigger battles are not well choreographed.

I am surprised at how engaging I am finding Yennifer‘s backstory but Ciri so far is underwhelming. Granted we are only a few episodes into the season.

Once we finish The Witcher we will go right into season two of Lost in Space.

It looks good in the trailers anyway.

Anyone that knows me well will be surprised to find out I have not seen Star Wars Episode 9, Rise of Skywalker yet. Family commitments have made it difficult and to be honest the trailers and reviews have not encouraged me to push for it. I could have pushed for it yesterday but I really did not want to do that, then run the risk of coming out of the movie like Angry Joe….

And so with that in closing, those of you reading this blog I wish you a very Merry Christmas. I appreciate each and everyone one of you making the time to read my thoughts. Many people asked me to create this blog but few read it. Each of you encourage me to continue and I thank you for that.

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