In the Hills…

I have a gaggle of Hobbits on the top of my to-do list that I just could not face doing so I let myself get distracted with some terrain.

This was part of an auction I won quite some time ago and I just had not gotten around to making my desired adjustments. It was a decent piece when it arrived but I wanted to change a few things.

The first thing I did was put it on a new base in order to deal with the warping it was suffering. An effect of moisture at a guess. I wanted to also make it a little less square looking.

Then it was a case of adding little details and removing one big one. Originally I loved the rail lines in the cave. It screamed mine to me instead of cave. The idea was excellent but the execution was slightly flawed. I tried to improve it but only made it worse so I removed them.

I added some wildlife to give it character.

Overall I am pretty pleased. I would not have added grass to the top if I had built it from scratch but I decided to work with what I had. And I would have liked the entrance to have been big enough to add some Mantic mine rail lines but I think it works well enough as is for a hard working Dwarf.

As always suggestions, feedback and advice are welcome. Please feel free to leave a comment, like or subscribe!

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