Two hands…

No miniatures finished the last few days thanks to high humidity weather preventing me from clear coating. So a look at some Rohan troops I finished a few months back.

I know what you are thinking… Rohan troops with two handed axes? Not the done thing in Middle Earth SBG, except for Grimbold of Grimslade.

But we have a house rule that the Helmingas that follow Grimbold, which in the rules have Strength 4 instead of Strength 3, get to have two handed axes.

Mostly plastic Gripping Beast Saxons and Vikings, although 2 metal miniatures are there. The shieldmaiden from Bad Squiddo and the one with the shield on his back from an unknown sculptor. That particular mini is not the best quality, I tried to improve it with a cloak made of greenstuff and a new shield to cover the damaged on it originally had on its back. Actually damaged, as in not molded correctly rather than sculpted to have battle damage.

I do not currently have a Grimbold model. The one I created to proxy for Grimbold ended up as part of a gift for my mother as it was based on a larp character of mine.

One of the details to make the miniatures look more fantasy Rohan and less Dark Ages historical was a suggestion from my wife to use brown on the dome of some of the helmets. I was skeptical at first but I think it worked out well actually.

Whilst I did not finish any minis I did finish a couple of other things…

Such as the first season of The Orville.

Overall much better than I expected. Some thought provoking themes, some jokes that made me laugh, cool ship but also a number of things that irritated me. The casual atmosphere of the crew reminded me more of The Office than a professional uniformed service of the future. But maybe this old grunt is out of touch on how casual the military is these days…

Speaking of military I finished another Honor Harrington book.

Focusing more on piracy, commerce raiding and Q-ships it also surprised me with a good junior enlisted ranks subplot. It reminded me very much of the painful lessons I had in the military about the realities of service. Whilst you can have some amazing Band of Brothers bonding you also have to deal with some very terrible human beings. Harrington handled things better in the book than the Officers and NCO’s I served with when I had physical confrontations with other soldiers. I am still bitter to this day about some of the injustices I had to endure.

With the end of season 1 of Orville, we could start season 4 of The Expanse. I was so excited! Too excited it seems because the opening episode was disappointing. It felt disjointed, too fast and overly clever for its own good. The pacing felt off. I can only hope it improves.

EDIT: Thinking about it, The Orville reminds me a bit of F Troop….

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