Bits and pieces…

Thanks to the weather finally drying out I managed to get some things clear coated today…

First we have the yearly Christmas mini I do for my son. A young dragon napping on its holiday hoard. This is a metal mini from Reaper.

Some other Christmas minis the dragon will be joining…

Also finished is an unarmored metal GW Glorfindel… although he actually has a maile shirt if you look closely. The newer armored version is more commonly seen but is also typically more expensive.

Next up a plastic Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy Battles High Elf mage. I won this piece in an auction already painted. I repainted it to match our color palette and tried to get it to look more in keeping with the Elven Army my wife has. More blue, less white. I changed the spell effect from the original purple to the bluish white effect that came out ok I think. It is a bit more high fantasy than our other pieces but my wife likes it so it looks like we will be keeping it. The only thing she does not like is the long stole around his neck. I have another unpainted on that I will cut the stole off and change the staff.

I also finished a rework of an Ent. Originally it had an orc corpse on the base from the original owner. I dislike corpses on figure bases… so I hid it with a bush. And I added a bird to one of the branches. My wife likes little details like that on her Forest creatures.

Then a quick addition of a banner to a previously finished Rider of Rohan.

And finally, I think I may have settled on a paint scheme for the Mantic Marines that I want to associate with my UCM Dropfleet ships.

Originally I was inspired by some Anvil Industry Unity Council Marines painted by Dwartist….

….but in the end it turned out looking more like MNU troops from District 9.

I think it certainly looks better in person than in the photos…

I figure that at some point the Marines will get used in a Core Space scenario…. something inspired by Umtali Station…

I encourage you to look at the Umtali Station campaign blog, that has inspired my long term sci-fi project goal.

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