More sci-fi distractions…

So yeah, I have not been the most focused of late. In addition to trying to finish some holiday minis, I got sidetracked with the power armor which can be put to dual purposes and some Mon Calamari…. oh, and my first Core Space…

First, a couple of old Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Miniatures, technically a mercenary and medic.

Not a lot of work to repaint and rebase them. I changed to uniform colors to match each other. No idea what I will use them for, perhaps Core Space. I just think Mon Calamari are cool.

One thing I did take away from doing these, it is not hard to get a decent looking mini even from what many may consider a rather poorly detailed or inexpensive mini.

Whilst I have not started any of the Core Space minis yet, I did decide to do a quick paintjob on one of our turn counters.

It is interesting to see how a simple bit of paint can drastically improve the apparence.

I finished the next Honor Harrington book… a great read, quite the page turner….

… and I stumbled across this interesting video with the author himself talking about a number of interesting topics. Seems his background is that of a military historian rather than being a veteran. I find this interesting because my mother wanted me to be a military historian instead of a veteran.

As for movie news, I saw Hunter Killer with Gerard Butler and a number of other good actors.

Sadly the film felt a bit flat, formulaic even. Everything by the numbers making a predictable but watchable movie. Gary Oldman yelling is always fun. I am an old grunt, but part of me wonders how I would have done if I had joined the Navy instead, perhaps as an officer. I suppose I would have ended up like Denzel Washington in Crimson Tide….

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