The faces of Legolas…

I just finished some reworking on the three Legolas models I did a few months back.

First up, the GW plastic Legolas.

Then a GW metal Legolas.

And finally, a second GW metal Legolas. I had painted this one up to proxy as a generic Wood Elf and was going to repaint it to matchthe other Legolas models but my wife liked the idea of Legolas having a change of clothes.

I also did some reworking so on some GW Warhammer Fantasy plastic Wood Elves. These I won in auction already painted o a decent standard. I just rebased them, converted their weapons and did some washes.

They are a bit overly uniform for my taste but when I get around to painting the other GW WHFB Wood Elves I have they should mix in and look less uniform.

I was recently disappointed to have lost a good auction on a Mercs: Recon Kickstarter package. I am on the lookout for things to help create Core Space Expansion missions.

TV wise I decided to give Mars another try… I love the subject material but the part documentary part drama format can get a bit wearing. I do love the aesthetics of their environmental suits and wonder how I can incorporate that into future Core Space minis….

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