Elves…but not Santa’s helpers…

So this weekend saw the completion of a few minis, some for our table and some destined for elsewhere.

All those above are GW metal, and destined for our game world… but the Gil-Galad and Elrond going elsewhere, hence the black edging on their bases, are resin. Those for our table are all fresh paint work where as the other three are all complete repaints where I painted over the paint work of the original owner.

And my wife also finished a Ranger for her armies….

I did the basing, the matt clear coat and a tiny adjustment to one eyebrow but otherwise all her own work. If she had more free time I believe she could quite competently paint all her armies to a quality standard…. which would give me more time to paint mine!

We did spend some time with light entertainment… Jumanji, the version with The Rock…

It was better than I expected… popcorn fun with the Rock being his usual charming self.

In other light entertainment news we finally got around the seeing the first episode of the Orville.

Many people recommended this to me but the trailers put me off, it looked too slapstick silly for my taste. But having seen it, whilst it had some annoying bits it also had some good bits. It definitely seems a complete 180 from Star Trek Discovery in some ways but I feel like both very much reflect our contemporary society. The Orville for the exaggerated casual liberal feel good atmosphere and Discovery for the bitter, grimdark desire to be edgy.

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