Numenoreans… in the Service of Sauron!

So I finally finished a bunch of Numenoreans that I have converted to Black Numenoreans. It was just a case of waiting for a dry enough day to clear coat them.

It started with the test piece awhile back…

He did get a bit of minor improvements when I was working on his colleagues. I know some Tolkien purists will wonder on the pale skin and blue eyes. My wife and I decided to be inspired by Jackson’s take on the Mouth of Sauron as well as GW´s take on them being supernaturally long lived as a gift from Sauron.

While I may have made some progress on my backlog of work, it was a case of one step forward and two steps back as I won an auction for a game of Endure the Stars. The plan being to lift from it what I can for future Core Space Adventures…

In addition I finished book 4 of the Honor Harrington series. I am amazed at how much I am enjoying these books. Whilst I was never as skilled as Honor, I very much identify with her moral decisions and disposition. It is a bit like reading a story of one of my descendants.

I also caught Pacific Rim 2….

Whilst it was not a great film it was entertaining, in fact much better than I expected but that could be because I had very, very low expectations.

I also finally finished Z Nation.

Season 5, now the final season, felt strangely unattached to the previous seasons in my opinion. It was watchable but not great and I was somewhat relieved when it was finally over. I did feel better than I did at the end of season 4, when I thought that would be the end of the show. At least season 5 does not end as depressing as season 4 did!

Of interest to me are the two versions of War of the Worlds….

The BBC version looks like a nice historical piece.

The SBS version looks contemporary and I noticed something surprising about it….

…. where are the American military forces? Interesting to see French troops in the spotlight for a change in an English language show.

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