Should they stay or should they go…

These three miniatures were won as part of a larger auction and already painted pretty well. My wife was not a fan though so the plan was to put them on eBay.

I tidied them up and rebased them, then listed them on eBay. As Chaos stuff seems pretty popular I thought they would go quick. They didn‘t. I dropped the price… still no interest. A few weeks of this and I decided to keep them.

I do not know who sculpted them but they are metal and I think they were intended to be Chaos warriors of some sort.

As you can see in the picture above, one I have discussed before. He was my favorite of the lot so I decided to keep him earlier. These others, not so much… but they are ok.

My wife agreed with the idea of adding them to our game world since no buyers seem interested. The question then was Orc, Black Numenorean or something else? My wife suggested Orc…

The first one I changed his skin from a common human skin tone to something I thought looked more Orc. I toned down the brighter colors on it, trying to make it look more Orc and less Chaos.

With this one I added the plastic GW shield. It is a bit busy I know, and rather Chaos or Undead themed but I liked it with this metal mini and thought I would be unlikely to use it elsewhere.

The final one… I was unsure about which color to use for the discs on his armor but in the end just went with a slightly brighter silvery metallic than his maille armor.

In the end both my wife and I have ended up more satisfied with these minis than we expected.

As always please feel free to comment with feedback, suggestions and advice. Comments help keep me motivated!

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