Sci-fi distractions…

One of the agreements I made with my wife when I got back into the miniatures and tabletop gaming hobby last year is that we would focus on our Middle Earth project and not get distracted by the other genres I love… like post-apoc, Western Frontier, French and Indian War…and sci-fi.

Somewhere I fell down a slippery slope and got first into Dropfleet Commander starship combat gaming… and then into 28mm sci-fi gaming, primarily Core Space.

I have entirely too many projects for my currently limited time but I just can not seem to help myself. Great deals appear and I loathe missing out on something to later regret it.

Above you can see a Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Miniatures Figuren I picked up for a Euro at Spiel in Essen. I repainted it from the factory original painting and rebased it as a trial for my idea to use clear bases for the sci-fi project.

First I tried the clear bases from Greenstuff World as the most cost effective but I was not keen on the slightly blue tone to the clear base. Nor did like the thickness. The whole point was to have an immersive base for multiple types of settings, from spaceships to exotic alien worlds.

I switched over to the more expensive Litko bases but much preferred the result.

You can see the Battle Systems terrain and mat to good effect. The mini is a generic Human Mercenary according to WotC, so he should work fine as an NPC in Core Space.

Speaking of NPCs for Core Space…

Above are some bits I won very, very good deals on with luck on Ebay. Crazy good deals to be honest. I almost felt guilty. Almost. The monsters are an obscure set of sculpts but the humanoids are heroes from Deep Madness.

EDIT: Thanks to Hobby Services for identifying the monsters as sculpts from the Assimilation: Alin Host Kickstarter from Troll Forged. More information is available on his blog…

I also got a good deal on some monsters and heroes from Zombicide Invaders.

It will be some time before I get around to painting all these! Especially has I have been struggling to get a paint scheme I am happy with for my Mantic Marines.

I tried all grey… too Starship Troopers the Movie… and that is not a good thing in m opinion. I am a huge fan of the book by Heinlein but the movie was rubbish.

Then I tried all green. I was thinking of this look…

But I was just not happy with it, I felt it looked too contemporary and not futuristic enough.

So then I tried the Green grey mix of the Mantic Warpath official artwork… not finished yet of course but still not quite satisfied.

So I may try something else. Perhaps the red and black of the Mantic Marines in their Star Saga official artwork, although that will likely give a MCR Marine vibe from the Expanse and therefore not compliment my current spacefleet color scheme. Sigh.

One thing I have been doing when I can not paint is read.

Enjoying Weber’s Honor Harrington books…

And trying out the Cinnabar books by Drake.

Whilst I enjoy the Slammers books by Drake the first of his Cinnabar books was a bit underwhelming. Perhaps because I am comparing them too closely to Weber’s work.

Both series have an Age of Sail vibe to their space flight mechanics. And both have echoes of Napoleonic era politics as well as culture. For some reason the Honorverse feels better thought out, more immersive. But that could be because I have read several books now from the Honorverse and the Cinnaverse is new to me.

Either way, I still recommend both series to people looking for engaging military sci-fi reading.

Now if only we could get some good Honor Harrington movies!

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