The faces of Boromir…

I have three Boromirs currently finished for our table, on the left a plastic GW one whilst the other two are metal GW ones. As you can see, the Boromir in the middle is having a bad day…

Also, I recently finished a Frodo and Sam… destined for a table other than ours.

Both are repaints. I redid the eyes on Sam but left the original eyes on Frodo.

We finished Carnival Row… it was brilliant except for the last episode which was terrible. It seemed as clumsy as the final episode of Game of Thrones. Very disappointing reveals and it just felt like a big let down considering all the potential of the previous episodes.

I started watching season 2 of The Purge… I expected to hate the Purge movies and tv series but so far enjoying the social commentaries being made about our contemporary dystopian culture.

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