The faces of Gandalf…

So I have done a few different Gandalfs for my wife. One in plastic, the others metal. The three Gandalf the Greys were repainted from what the previous owner had done. Gandalf the White was a fresh paintjob.

First, the plastic one. The previous owner wanted a very dirty hem on his robes. I chose to keep that whilst basically repainting everything else.

Then two metal versions of Gandalf the Grey. I suppose I should have painted the hatless version with a Moria underground base but decided to instead go with my usual generic outdoor base. And yes his hat is blue, not grey…. as Tolkien wrote.

Gandalf the White. I hate painting white. A mate suggested I try the new Citadel contrast Apothecary White… anyone have an opinion on that?

I finally finished season 3 of The 3%. I loved the show when it came out… but as the seasons went on I felt it lost its way, more interested in surprise twists than a coherent narrative. I really liked the social commentary and diversity but if the show does not get a fourth season I will not be upset.

What does upset me is reviews of the Mandalorian. I keep reading reviews complains that it is a hokey space western where the protagonist never even takes off his helmet and everyone has unpronounceable names…. err… and? Firefly anyone? Urban‘s Dredd anyone? Reviews like this matter to me because they can push producers away from the things I like to watch.

I prefer the review by Angry Joe….

It is my hope the show will be gritty but not too dark. Let the Cassian Andor spy series be dark… I expect nothing more from a spy that is more assassin than spy. But let us have something a little more hopeful from our Mando….

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