The faces of Eowyn…

Eowyn is one of my wife’s favorite Lord of the Rings characters… so naturally we sought to find the various versions of her… we do not have them all yet. Yet.

The four above are all metal GW versions… and I have a Zombicide mini that looks an awful lot like Eowyn but I have not painted that one yet. Unless my wife changes her mind it will most likely end up as a generic Rohan shieldmaiden.


….not only do we have Eowyn for our table but another for someone else.

I recently finished Isildur and Elendil. Repaints of them anyway, from the previous owner. I was tempted to sell them but my wife likes them so they will be proxies for Gondorian Knights of the White Tower.

Some minis I did sell were some GW night goblins…

In other news, quite the surprise on tv last night. I keep telling myself I need to get motivated to paint from 2000 hours to 2200 hours but normally I feel more like just sitting back and watching a movie or tv series.

Last night I put on Carnival Row because I thought my wife might like it. She tends to like Victorian crime dramas and fantasy so it seemed a sure hit for her. I was not enthusiastic because of Legolas… er I mean Orlando Bloom being it.

Don‘t get me wrong, I thought he made an excellent Legolas… at least in the Lord of the Rings movies anyway… but I have not liked him in anything since… particularly Kingdom of Heaven. I wish his character had been killed instead of Liam Neeson and his awesome adventuring party retainers… their story would have been much more interesting. Bloom gave probably one of the worst pre-battle speeches in that movie I have ever seen…. and I have never forgiven him for it.

The trailer for Carnival Row did not give me the impression much had changed with him but after the first episode…. wow! Much, much better acting from him!

And the show itself? Brilliant! Very engaging, great writing, editing, costuming, special effects, acting, and overall cinematography. Excellent social commentary that highlights things like racial discrimination in a way that subverts our own usual stereotypes… if you care to think that deeply about the plot. Economic inequality, political corruption, policing, war, technological social issues, religion… great commentaries on all these topics. Whilst have some great action scenes.

It is so far one of the best things I have seen so far this year. I only hope it continues as well as it started.

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