Crisis Loot!

Back from Crisis in Belgium having had a good time, got great loot and stayed within budget!

It was a good event… but not a great event. There felt like less traders/manufacturers and less customers but the bring and buy was entirely too jam packed. The atmosphere in the bring and buy section felt a bit like a Black Friday sale. Lots of jostling but if you made eye contact and spoke most folks apologized. Seemed like to me however some avoided eye contact so they could pretend it was not another human being they were being rude to. It was so bad my wife lasted only a couple of minutes and left me to it.

There were some great things available… too much for my budget! I saw a painted 28mm sailing ship for 150 Euros that was appealing but that would have been a big chunk of the budget to spend before seeing the traders…

I did get some Harlequin miniatures for a great price, 3 blisters for 5 Euros. Stuff for our Middle Earth project.

I was tempted by a box of Gates of Antares miniatures, a box of TT Combat Kickstarter halflings And a GW Dwarven airship… but decided against them.

That said, I did pick up a couple of decently painted GW LOTR minis.

And some Blood & Plunder Spaniards…

…. since we are planning on getting the galleon in the Reaper Bones 5 Kickstarter.

I was very, very tempted by an all in Mantic Star Saga Kickstarter bundle. 250 Euros is a lot of money though and when I went back later to see if we could haggle he was gone.

Not all the great deals were in the bring and buy… which to be honest ran mostly at eBay prices.

Anja got some great dice trays from Deep Cut Studios.

One of the best deals I got at the show was a fellow at one of the trade stalls, unfortunately I did not catch the name, that was taking offers on some stuff…. so I got quite a bundle for 15 Euros.

The terrain piece needs some love, those old Mantic Marines need a repaint and the sprues are incomplete but still a great bargain where we both felt we got a good price since we haggled.

There was another guy with GW sprues taking offers, I tried to look through his boxes early in the day but the crowd around them was like the bring and buy so I left it until near the end of the day and undoubtably missed some good pieces. What I did get was alright.

Victrix was scheduled to be at the event so I planned on getting their new Vikings and Saxons. Unfortunately they ended up not being able to attend. I got some Saxons from another trader who had brought some of the Victrix stock over for them but was too late for the Vikings, which had promptly sold out.

Lots of Rohan troops in that bag!

My wife got some foam terrain pieces from Shifting Sands….

…and furniture from HQ Resin……..

… and some cool minis from Wendy’s Miniatures…. one of them made by Lead Adventure!

We met a very friendly gentleman from Poland at TMP miniatures who made an interesting proposition on a resin lair terrain piece… make an offer or roll a d6. My wife rolled a 5! Great fun and a nice piece of terrain to paint.

My wife’s favorite gaming table was the Asterix table….

…. whereas I could not settle on just one favorite table!

We spent quite a bit of time at the Crooked Dice stand. I have some regret for not backing their recent Colony 87 kickstarter but then I had not planned a 28mm sci fi project back then. Their display pieces and very charismatic staff quickly won my wife over.

If we had a bigger budget we would have bought quite a lot there. As it was we used the last of the Pounds I had from when I lived in the UK to get a blister…. and the kind folks their gave us a cool mini for the very last of my British change.

That mini should go well with the wildlife my wife picked out from Warbases.

I was able to rectify a mistake I made at Spiel where I forgot to get a mini from the Polish company, Wargamer from their Anno 1666 line. A chap that reminds me of Captain Alatriste!

He is another mini for the far off Spanish galleon project…. of more immediate use… a person in power armor from Brother Vinni…. should go nicely with any Post-apoc or sci-fi project…

We also picked up some vegetation…

…but there was so much more we wanted! Again this year, like last year I found I had neither enough time nor money.

A large portion of my time was spent at the TT Combat stand, getting lots of motivational information about the future of Dropfleet Commander and Stellaris. It sounds there are years of support and projected releases for Dropfleet, which they see as a strong IP. I got some of the new monitor class ships from them… three of the four fleets, which was alley budget could stretch to.

And finally… my wife convinced me to try a magnifying lamp in place of my current magnifying headset…

Overall an interesting and entertaining event. I wonder if Brexit will change that next year of course. My wife was disappointed by the atmosphere which she found less friendly than the larp and historical re-enactment conventions we have attended in the past.

Will we go again next year? Only time will tell…

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