What we do for money…

So, a couple of plastic GW Boromirs finished. One for my wife, one destined for EBay. Brown base trim for us, black for others.

And a Dwarf I finished some months back.

A number of things I have painted have ended up other places than our Middle Earth project (or my more recent sci-fi side project). Usually pieces I repainted quickly in order to generate more interest on eBay.

We did not get much money in the auctions, certainly not compared to the time put in but it helps defray costs and has helped improve my painting skills. I turned down a couple of commission offers because I just do not want to commit to deadlines given my backlog of pending personal projects.

Speaking of backlogs…last night, when I should have been painting I watched The King…

Not terrible. Rather dark cinematography as well as a somewhat dour mood. There is little revelry, even in victorious moments. Perhaps more realistic than most films but the silence after say a single combat felt awkward. Very much an anti-war movie. At first I was surprised by the take on Falstaff, quite different from Shakespeare but by the end he grew on me.

I will admit though, even if it is more fantasy than history I prefer the Branagh version of Shakespeare’s Henry the V. It is etched into my mind as iconic, with a Henry on par with King Arthur.

That said, this version helped remind me just how optimistically fantastical Branagh’s version of Shakespeare’s Henry is.

Yesterday I had the stitches out of my left hand, the operation seems have gone well. My physiotherapist is another American veteran living over here. Talking old Army days did more good for me than his therapy for my hand… at least that is how it felt. The hand is pretty good. Still tender but full movement.

So with that and Brexit delayed, back to the plan to visit Crisis in Belgium on Saturday. This will be my second time but first for my wife. I hope she will be as awestruck as I was.


Crisis is a huge tabletop wargaming convention, the biggest on the Continent. I got some great deals there last year but more so my eyes were opened up to do many possibilities. The hobby has grown so much since my youth.

Morale here has been a bit down since the delay of delivery on the Hagglethorn Hollow Kickstarter but going to Spiel helped motivate my wife to start painting a Ranger of Ithilien…. so I hope that Crisis will fire up her imagination as much as it did mine last year.

And in a bit of good news, a mate of mine has started his own blog. I expect good things from that!


It can be a sour hobby to have in a vacuum so blogs and forums can help connect those of us not using newer social media platforms.

For a forum I recommend Lead Adventure for a largely British based English speaking community….


…. and The Miniatures Page for a largely American English speaking community….


I really need to work on my German to get involved in a German speaking community….

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