Busy, busy…

The weather and family conditions allowed me to finally clear coat this lot… some fresh, some revisits for improvement. It is amazing what you notice when you try to photograph a miniature, little mistakes that were previously overlooked.

First up, Eomer as you might expect followed by a conversion to make Erkenbrand. Notice the iconic red shield and famous black horn, the Horn of the Hammerhand, of this Lord of the Rohirrim. A mistake in my opinion for Peter Jackson to leave him out of the films.

Next up, Théoden. One of the metal GW sculpts. I have one of the new plastic ones that I suspect I will put together with a helmet, perhaps a shield if I can, to have yet another version of the Rohan King.

Originally my plan for the other mini was to be a converted proxy for Theodred, the son of Theoden. Getting an inexpensive Theodred seemed unlikely… and still proves so for the foot version but I did find a mounted version. So this fellow is now just a generic Rohan Captain. Notice how I changed the hairline and gave just a mustache instead of goatee. Jackson made Theoden much younger in the movie than Tolkien made him.

Next we have some of Westfold Redshields in service of Erkenbrand

Next we have some more general Rohan troops.

On the left is a mini someone else converted, I repainted him and added the banner. Next is a Gripping Beast Late Roman I did. Then another conversion by someone else that I repainted. And finally the fellow on the right that I painted… I do not know the sculptor but I think it looks the part.

And here you can see a Gripping Beast Dark Ages warrior I converted to be a proxy King’s Huntsman.

Next, a couple of Haradrim slaves. I experimented with skin tones and am not truly happy with the bronzed one. Originally the dresses were yellow and blue.

My wife suggested painting them red instead. They looked better but even though I used two different reds they still looked a bit too uniform. I experimented with the purple and was pleased with the result.

And now, Gandalf……..

… or rather two Gandalfs!

Both are the plastic GW version… one for me and one destined for EBay. You can generally tell something I do that is not going to end up on our table because I will do the trim of the base in black instead of brown.

Such as with these Grishnaks.

In other news…. it would appear there is a character based on me in the Mandalorian tv series on Disney+…..

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