For Rohan!

Trying to get some things finished today or tomorrow but for now some figures my wife and I finished a few ago. Whilst she did a few figures she did almost all of the shields.

As you can see a mix of Gripping Beast unarmored Dark Ages warriors, armored Saxons and Vikings as well as Late Romans… and the usual expected GW Rohan figures.

We have some old Wargames Factory Dark Ages minis that I intend to join the Rohan ranks but have not gotten to them yet. Their design makes their poses a bit stiff looking out of the box but kit bashing helps with that.

I hope to attend Crisis in Belgium next week to get some Victrix Saxons and Vikings for even more diversity. And I have some Conquest Normans looking to join Theoden at some point….

Speaking of diversity, we committed to the Reaper Bones 5 Kickstarter…. so we will have to see how we can get as much as possible to fit into our Middle Earth project.

And in other news the Mandalorian looks awesome in the trailers but I am disappointed that it does not look like Disney+ will be available in Germany until Spring 2020.

Gnome is pretty grumpy about that!

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  1. A smashing collection and one or two poses I’d not considered and really like. Is the buckler/target from the new Roman light Cavalry? I deal with the decoration on the Roman tunics in two ways, either shave off with a sharp new blade very quick to do or paint with watered down paint before the main tunic colour. Glad to see you’ve shaved off most of the crests. No criticism intended, by the way just a couple of tricks I thought to pass on.


    1. Feedback is a gift, so thank you! If I remember correctly all the round shields on these fellows are are Warlord Games Saxon and Viking round shields. At some point I hope to swap around GW Rohan shields and various round shields to create more diversity on repeated pose miniatures.

      These were some of the first ones we did when I got back into the hobby last year after a break of a couple decades. Your suggestion on the Coptic trim is much appreciated and since I have many more to do I will give those tips a try.

      Always glad to hear what people think, especially tips on how to improve my work. Thanks again!


  2. Wow you two really put some time in these! Looking great!

    And I know the feeling about waiting for Disney+! When do these companies finally accept it is an earth, with people of any language and origin living all around the world! It is not necessary to have several starting times…


      1. Oh it is all about licensing and strange kinds of money making…

        Oh, I just assembled my Star Wars Legion Clone Wars core box, except of the two rolling Droidekas. And I definitely will play it before painting!

        I’m looking forward to playing with painted miniatures, but I cannot wait until then!


  3. Do not get me going about licensing… I run the risk of turning this blog political. Suffice to say I understand the need to protect artists but it irks me that license fees are so high that they tend to prohibit quality licensed products.


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