For our friends…

First off, a couple of reworks I finished. I went back this week and did some changes to of our Elves.

Originally one was going to be a Rúmil (brother of Haldir) proxy but I decided to try again using a Galadhrim body next time… and now he is just a Rivendell High Elf Captain.

Next to him is a Herclix Elf I rebased and converted to a Rivendell High Elf. He is a bigger scale slightly, so I am thinking he should be a Captain…. like Ajax at Troy.

Not everything I do is destined for our gaming table. A mate of mine who has been very generous with gifts and favors (thanks Tom!) likes Bretonnian knights… so I gifted him some knights I painted up.

We committed today to the Reaper Bones 5 Kickstarter…. it is a big investment for us but Reaper has a solid reputation for delivering. And it will take me at least 18 months to clear my backlog. Only another 24 hours or so left if you are thinking of backing it….

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