Archers for Rohan…

So here you can see how we put Gripping Beast Late Romans to use as warriors of Rohan. Ideally, if we were sticking to a consistent Dark Ages aesthetic I would probably have used Late Romans for Gondor or Black Numenoreans but as is, trying to match Peter Jackson‘s aesthetic for Gondor we are using later period minis instead.

My wife liked the look of the Late Romans so they joined her Rohan Army.

Also I have an unusual figure that I had planned to put on eBay but decided instead to add him to my Mordor army, most likely as an orc.

I added the shield, it is a GW chaos shield I think and I changed his sword by curving it as well as sharpening the tip.

My wife decided Orc as I was on the fence whether it should be Orc or Black Numenorean. As an Orc Captain I figure the head on the shield is his former Captain.

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